Dumpling Orgy at King’s Village (UPDATED)

February 20, 2011

King’s Village
1639 NJ Hwy 27, Edison NJ
(732) 339-9858

Once again, our intrepid group of foodies headed down to Edison for some serious gut-busting dumplin’ eating at King’s Village, a Beijing-style (Mandarin) restaurant in Edison.

Every February, in celebration of the Chinese New Year, the owners host a month-long “Dumpling Fest” which for a whole $16.95 per person, they feed you jiaozi of all different types until you plead for mercy or explode, whichever comes first.

Sounds great, right? So let’s get on with the gluttony.

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Happy New Year 2008 From Off The Broiler

January 1, 2008

2007 has been a big year for us — Off The Broiler really hit its stride, and was nominated for Best Food Blog in the 2007 Weblog Awards. Although we didn’t win, I feel a tremendous sense of accomplishment that we were recognized for making significant contributions to the Food Blogging community, with only two years under our belt (okay, not counting my previous accomplishments) compared to some very veteran bloggers. We had a lot of good posts, and ate a lot — emphasis on the “lot” — of really good meals.

2008 will mark a significant change in the way I’ve been approaching food writing and dining for the last decade or so. As you can see from our posts in the last two months, we’ve already begun the changes, and so far, Rachel and I have lost more than 50 pounds between the two of us. With will and determination, and with no less creativity and deliciousness, we will continue to strive to bring you the best food blogging content possible, but oriented towards eating and dining healthy.

Tonight, our New Year’s meal — while a bit of a splurge — was an embodiment of this new mission. We started off with a Raw Veggie Crudité accompanied Red Pepper Swirl Hummus, followed by grilled Alaskan King Crab Legs, foregoing the butter and eaten only with squeezes of lemon, and Caribbean Spice Rubbed Center Cut Boneless Pork Chops over Garlic Sauteed Spinach and Brown Basmati Rice.

We wish all of you a Happy and Healthy 2008, and look forward to posting more delicious content in the year to come.

Jason and Rachel Perlow