NJ Dining: Best Dumplings

August 28, 2008

Best Dumplings
16 Humphrey Street, Englewood NJ

Englewood has been undergoing something of a transformation lately, with a lot of new businesses sprouting up among the new condominiums as well as a result of renewal as a result of the demolition of older buildings off the main drag on Palisades Avenue. One such new business that caught my eye recently is Best Dumplings, a commercial Korean Mandoo manufacturer (Which used to be based out of the industrial part of town and was previously known as Mandoo, Inc.) that now has a retail outlet.

For those not familiar with Mandoo, they are Korean dumplings, similar to  Japanese Gyoza or Chinese Jiaozi, although in terms of wrapper thinness they are more like Gyoza. Like Gyoza, they can be deep fried, pan fried, or steamed. Most Japanese gyoza is limited to pork and scallion filling, but Korean Mandoo are quite varied, which include mixed vegetables with bean thread noodles, pork, beef, chicken and shrimp, and of course Kimchi. If you like Gyoza, chances are you’ll love Mandoo.

Best Dumpling, Englewood NJ by you.

They’re not kidding when they say these are the Best Dumplings. Click on the “Read the rest of this entry” link below for more.

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NJ Dining: A Palisades Park Pictorial

August 23, 2008

This week, Elisa Ung and Eunny Park at the Bergen Record did a culinary overview of the Korean food offerings of Palisades Park.

I congratulate the Record for doing this, as it’s time that Korean food has gotten some attention from the mainstream NJ newspapers. Until recently its been most regarded as some sort of little understood alien cuisine, with weird flavors that many Americans wouldn’t appreciate. This could be nothing further from the truth.

I have had a wealth of nice Palisades Park Korean food photos sitting in the larder for over a year, so I thought that given the Bergen Record’s recent coverage it might be a good idea to let them out of storage. While not all these foods reflect my current lifestyle, I still think that korean food overall is a healthier dining choice due to the high vegetable and protein content of the cuisine. All of the stores and restaurants below are on the long stretch of Broad Avenue in Palisades Park.

Dumpling House

P6120095 by you.

This place, simply called “Dumpling House” specializes in “Wang Mandu” or giant steamed dumplings and buns.

P6120097 by you.

They use these big rack steamers to cook them. Buns are typically filled with meat and vegetable mixtures.

P6120099 by you.

Wang Mandu ready to go into the steamer.

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NJ Dining: Keumsan Samgyetang

August 22, 2008

Keumsan Samgyetang
131 W. Central Blvd
Palisades Park, NJ 07650 (across from the Shop Rite plaza)

Web Site: http://www.keumsan.co.kr

Palisades Park is known for its Korean food. We have so many Korean restaurants in this town that some have even specialized themselves for specific kinds of dishes. A new restaurant which recently opened up near the Shop Rite in Palisades Park is Keumsan, which is actually a chain restaurant from Korea that specializes in a dish known as Samgyetang (SAM-GI-YEH-TANG) which is a special Chicken Soup flavored with Ginseng.  They also have another soup called Goditang (GO-DEE-TANG) which is a broth with Marsh Snails in it. Yum!

Keumsan Restaurant, Palisades Park NJ by you.

Parking at Keumsan is tight, so you might need to park your vehicle across the street at Shop Rite.

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Triangle Dining: Korean Food

May 17, 2008

On cold rainy days away from home, I want a taste of Jersey. For me, that means Korean food.

The Korean community in the Triangle is relatively small, but it is growing steadily, and a  few restaurants have popped up to support the local taste for home style Korean dishes. During my stay in the Raleigh-Durham area I found two that I enjoyed.

Chosun Ok Korean B.B.Q
2105 E Highway 54, Durham NC
(919) 806-1213

Chosun Ok Restaurant

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