Optimum Offline

June 29, 2009

suburbanbroadband by you.

As I explained in a previous article last summer about my broadband situation, my employer, like many large technology services companies, has elected to classify my work situation as “Home-Based”, in that when I am not at a customer site, I’m working from home. So for connectivity to corporate email, our Intranet and Instant Messaging system, my link to the mother ship is entirely dependent on the reliability of my connectivity through Optimum Online, Cablevision’s cable broadband service.

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Twitter: All the Cool Kids Are Doing It, and Now So Am I

October 11, 2007

If you look at the upper right corner of the screen you’ll see a new button, “OTB Twitter Feed”. If you don’t know what Twitter is, well, then you’ve been living under a rock (or you have a real life).

Twitter is essentially a group instant messaging system combined with electronic wall graffiti — it permits the user to broadcast a 140 character message, with embedded hyperlinks, to a constantly updating “ticker”. Periodically, over the day, I’ll post a status update as to what I am eating, cooking, photographing, or any random stupid thing I might be thinking about at any time. If you join Twitter, you can get instantaneous updates via your favorite Instant Messenger service when I post updates to the blog. If you’ve ever felt like cyber-stalking me but felt it was too creepy even for you, well, now’s your chance. And you can see the status updates of all the cool people I follow as well.

Check it out — http://twitter.com/jperlow