NJ Dining: Hunger Construction Food Truck in Montclair

November 6, 2012

From taco’s to Thai food,  New Jersey  food trucks are establishing a loyal and well-fed following.

Hot From The Kettle® caught up with the Hunger Construction crew while their big red truck was parked near Mountainside Hospital.  Owner, Aaron Rosenzweig, along with fellow potato heads, Shegan Rubin and Mav Bell, stuffed our spuds with chunky pastrami, hotdogs, cheese sauerkraut and more!

If you’re a first timer, be advised, there are no forks to be found on the Hunger Construction truck. The method for attacking these giant spuds is most definitely, head down and go!

Just how big are the spuds? Big, I tell you! Aaron purchases fifty pound bags of potatoes with the lowest count available from Restaurant Depot.

Priced from $5 – $8 dollars, one stuffed potato is certainly enough to satisfy the most voracious eater.

If you want to know everything about Hunger Construction, check out John Lee’s article from last month. Remember to follow Hunger Construction on Twitter at @hungerconstruct.

Want to get on board the food truck! Watch the video below and visit the gallery for more pics from Hunger Construction!

NJ Dining: Taqueria Autentica

August 1, 2012

On a recent, lazy, hazy summer day, the Lil’ Kettles had a hankering for tacos. But the Lil’ Kettles didn’t want the tacos Mommy makes. They wanted tacos “like the ones we had in Mexico, Mommy!”

Just about one year ago, Michael Natiello opened Taqueria Autentica, the brick and mortar version of the very popular food truck by the same name. Hot From The Kettle was at Taqueria Authentica for their Grand Opening and Elizabeth Palmer raved about it!

So, the Kettle’s made the journey out of Montclair, and over to 1035 Broad St., Bloomfield for authentic tacos.  Read more on Hot From The Kettle.