NYC Dining: Roberto

August 6, 2008

Roberto Restaurant
603 Crescent Avenue, Bronx NY 10458

Web Site:

Rachel and I have been dining at Roberto for many years now, so much that it has become part of our Arthur Avenue “routine” — Shop at the Retail Market for specialty items, hit Teitel Brothers for bulk goods, go buy bread (and cannoli) at Madonia, grab some raw clams at Cosenza’s, hit the Cheese Shop, and then go have dinner — EARLY! — at Roberto. Notice that I emphasize the “Early” part. The restaurant gets into full swing at around 6PM, and unless you get there by 5:30 or so, you’re going to have to wait a bit for a table. It is by far the most fine dining of the Italian American restaurants in the Belmont area, and I think it compares quite favorably with some of the very best Italian choices in Manhattan.

Roberto's, Bronx NY by you.

Storefront on Crescent Avenue.

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NYC Dining: Umberto’s Clam House Bronx

August 6, 2008

Umberto’s Clam House Bronx
2356 Arthur Avenue, Bronx NY 10458
718-220-CLAM (2526)

Web Site:

My parents were recently visiting from their home in Florida, and asked us where we could go get some brunch. Given the fact that Rachel and I are trying to avoid brunchy, carb-laden stuff, I suggested we go to Arthur Avenue, do a little window shopping and try Umberto’s Clam House, a seafood restaurant that is open for lunch on Saturdays. Umberto’s is also based out of Manhattan’s Little Italy, but as a result of the “Chinatownification” of the Little Italy that most people are familiar with, they decided to open an outpost in the Bronx, where the “real” Little Italy is now.

Umberto’s on Arthur Avenue.

Umberto's Clam House, Bronx NY by you.

Umberto’s Main Dining Room.

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Arthur Avenue: Park When You See Jesus

June 22, 2008

My brother Brandon was in town this weekend staying with us, and made a request to visit Arthur Avenue in the Belmont section of the Bronx. I’ve waxed rhapsodical on Arthur Avenue on this blog a number of times. For those in the know, the “Real” Little Italy is in the Bronx, near Arthur Avenue and 187th street. It is the “go to” destination if you want to be able to shop for authentic Italian provisions and eat at the some of best Italian-American restaurants New York City and the surrounding area has to offer.

Arthur Avenue and Belmont isn’t just Italian though — the community is also home to Kosovans, Albanians, Montenegrans and a large Mexican population, with their own stores and representative restaurants as well. This mural memorializing Anton Nikci, a famous local Albanian/Montenegran is adjoining an alleyway off Arthur that has a large municipal parking lot. I always tell everyone to “Park when they see Jesus”.

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