Kindle Applications? Really? Now?

January 22, 2010

So, Bezos, lemme get this straight. You waited TWO YEARS to launch a Kindle developer program, a week before Jobs launches iPad/iSlate/Jesus Tablet?

Talk about too little, too late.

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Amazon: You Blew It.

February 9, 2009

amznnotaapl by you.

So the Kindle 2 has now made its debut, with everything you’d expect of a gee-whiz product launch — a packed auditorium filled with media types, a celebrity endorsement (best-selling thriller novelist Stephen King) and a Insanely Great-style presentation by Amazon’s CEO, Jeff Bezos.

Heck, the event was so overbooked, that when I arrived 15 minutes late to the event, I found myself locked outside the Morgan Library along with Oprah’s representative, where we pleaded with the PR gatekeepers to be let into the building. “No, really, we’re on the list! We RSVPed!”.

We eventually got in, but there was a level of obnoxiousness, arrogance and elitism at this press event and launch  that smacked of a certain Fruit-Flavored technology company. After the dog and pony show, the devices were behind glass cases, and face time with the product nearly impossible, with crowds of media cognoscenti dying for that minute or two of handling the device, circling around the product execs cum Kindle-wranglers like hungry wolves.

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