Hilton Head, South Carolina Dining: Barnacle Bill’s

September 20, 2009

Barnacle Bill’s Seafood Market
614 William Hilton Pkwy
Hilton Head Isle, SC 29928-3550
(843) 785-9007

Web Site: http://apul2003.googlepages.com/barnaclebillsseafood

As I mentioned in my previous post about Hudson’s Seafood, South Carolina is famous for its Carolina White Shrimp, a species that is indigenous to the region and is consumed almost entirely in the local area. The species thrives along the entire eastern seaboard, and you might get a small percentage of them caught in local catches further north and south, but the highest concentrations of them are in the Carolinas.  It has a characteristically sweet flavor and its texture isn’t as firm as shrimp from colder waters.

While many local restaurants in Hilton Head, Savannah and Charleston serve the Carolina shrimp, it is also possible to buy it from local seafood retailers and bring it back to your timeshare unit to cook yourself. One of the ones we were recommended to on Hilton Head Island itself was Barnacle Bill’s.

Barnacle Bill's Seafood, Hilton Head Island SC by you.

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Hilton Head, South Carolina Dining: Hudson’s

September 15, 2009

Hudson’s Seafood House and Docks
1 Hudson Road, Hilton Head Island SC 29926
(843) 681-2772

Web Site: http://www.hudsononthedocks.com

Hudson's Collage by you.

Hudson’s is an old school, waterfront seafood restaurant that looks like thousands of others across the country. However, dismissing it as just a tourist trap would be a mistake.

During the Labor Day weekend and the second week of September, Rachel and I went on vacation to Hilton Head Island in South Carolina. For the most part, the intention of this vacation was to soak up some sun, relax at the pool and the jacuzzi, read a few books, and confine our thoughts to what we’d be eating for dinner rather than racing around  and finding various activities to do. It was a decompression vacation.

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Columbia SC Dining: Blue Cactus Cafe

October 11, 2008

Blue Cactus Cafe
2002 Greene St #H, Columbia SC 29205

Web Site: http://www.bluecactuscafe.com/

When I inquired about other good Asian restaurants in the Columbia area, the folks over at Baan Sawan suggested that I check out the Blue Cactus, another Five Points restaurant for lunch.

“What is it?” I asked.

“Its kind of a funky combination of Mexican and Korean” said Sam.

“You mean like Kimchi burritos and stuff? Like what David Chang makes in New York at Momofuku Ssam Bar?

“Yeah, sorta, but they’ve been there for like 14 years, at least as long as we have been around.”

Given how much I trust Sam’s judgement on good food, particularly Asian cuisine, I had to go check this place out.

As it turns out, an American guy who was familiar with Tex-Mex cooking married a Korean lady, and they opened Blue Cactus in 1994. The menu is an eclectic mix of Korean and Cuban/Mexican/Tex Mex cuisine. I didn’t try much of their Latino/Mexican stuff, but what I will say is their Korean is very good, given what they have to work with in Columbia and not having a lot of access to Asian markets.

Blue Cactus Cafe, Columbia SC by you.

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Columbia SC Dining: Burger Night at Gervais and Vine

October 4, 2008

Gervais and Vine
620-A Gervais St., Columbia, SC 29201
(803) 799-8463

Web Site: http://gervine.com/

Columbia is a town very much steeped in Southern tradition and lags behind from a culinary perspective to its more high-tech rival capital city in North Carolina, Raleigh. However, this is not to say that there aren’t some real dining gems to be found in South Carolina’s state capital. One such restaurant I really enjoyed was Gervais and Vine, which is part of a Columbia restaurant group that also owns Mr. Friendly’s and Solstice, both of which are also well-received by the city’s more sophisticated diners.

Gervais and Vine, which is situated in Columbia’s historic “Vista” district is a Wine/Tapas bar which serves a Mediterranean-focused menu and is targeted towards the city’s professionals and more cosmopolitan scene. I happened to stop by on one of the various theme nights that the restaurant is known for — BURGERS. Having not had a decent burger in quite a few months, I was lured in.

Gervais and Vine (Burger Night), Columbia SC by you.

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The Finger-Lickin’ Ginormous Carolina ‘Q Post

September 6, 2008

carolinapig by you.

Over the summer months in 2008, I’ve spent a lot of time in the Carolinas, in particular, the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill area (The Triangle) and also the Columbia, South Carolina area. Two cities which are as different as can be from a cultural and socio-economic perspective, but which do share something in common — Barbecue.

Even if you are trying to shed the pounds like I am, when you travel, maintaining discipline can be extremely difficult, especially when you are surrounded by co-workers who want to go out and have a good time. And when you’re in the South with a bunch of out-of-town males, particularly in the Carolinas, evening entertainment can usually be classified into two distinct areas — ones which involve Pork and ones which do not. I’m not going to get into the details of the ones which do not, because that could get me in trouble with the wife.

Here are all my Carolina Barbecue sins exposed, some of which I am proud of and would repeat again, and some of which I would not.

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