NJ Dining: Post-Sandy Limited Time Menu at Blu, Next Door and Daryl Wine Bar

Beginning this Tuesday, November 13th, Zod Arifai, owner and executive chef at the acclaimed Blu and Next Door in Montclair, and Daryl Wine Bar in New Brunswick, will be offering two courses plus a bite of dessert for limited-time menu at all three of his restaurants, priced at just $19.50 (beverages, tax and gratuities not included).

If you’ve never had the opportunity to dine at one of Zod’s restaurants, this is the perfect opportunity to experience his cuisine.
Arifai wrote:
In the wake of the disaster caused by Hurricane Sandy and the following Nor’easter, thousands of lives have been disrupted.  Simple things we take for granted, like electric, gas and food, have been in short supply.  In light of these circumstances, many people have expressed that they would enjoy an inexpensive, quick, casual, hot meal, without any fuss.
In appreciation of our customers and their needs, all three of my restaurants, Blu, Next Door and daryl will be offering a menu priced at $19.50*.  The menu, detailed below, will include two courses, plus a few bites of a sweet ending.  Beginning on Tuesday, November 13, the menu will be available everyday, including weekends, until November 30.  Beginning on December 1, through December 30, 2012, the menu will be available weekdays only.  

For a look at the menu, visit Hot From The Kettle.

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