Ribs Within: The Taste of Victory

For those of you watching Chopped: Grill Masters I wanted to bring back a great post about Doug Keiles, one of my best buddies and who is appearing on the show as a competitor this evening.

For the past year, I’ve have had the privilege of being able to photo-document the inner workings of Ribs Within, a New Jersey-based BBQ team run by my good friends Doug and Laura Keiles.

Last weekend, Doug and Laura achieved something they have wanted for a very long time. They won the Grand Championship at Grillin’ on the Bay, a Brooklyn-based grilling contest.

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Nineteen teams competed on a bitter cold, 25-degree day in five separate categories.

While I was not able to attend this year’s contest as I did last year, I did attend the practice session at Doug and Laura’s home in Hillsborough the weekend before. As to not tip off the competition as to the team’s winning strategy, I did not post the photos here until now.

Here you’ll see all the winning dishes, as well as a few that were possible candidates for entry but didn’t make it.

Ribs, which won first place at the contest. Click on the “Read the rest of this entry” link below for more.

Nice rack.

Triple Rub Beef Tenderloin with compound butter, which took Second Place.

Beef Tenderloins, resting.

Beef Tenderloins, sliced.

“Dougie-Aki Salmon” which took a respectable 6th place.

Salmon Closeup.

Chicken Lollipops, 4th Place.

Chicken Lollipops closeup.

This salad wasn’t intended to be part of the competition, but I thought it came out really nice.

These grilled beef shortibs hit the cutting room floor. But everybody loved them, regardless.

These lamb loin chops were utterly amazing, but they were beaten out by the beef tenderloin for possible entry.

Lamb loin chop closeup.

Doug Keiles, shown here at last year’s Grillin’ on the Bay. Congrats to both Doug and Laura for a job well done — and a victory well deserved!

One Response to Ribs Within: The Taste of Victory

  1. mark epstein says:

    Congrats on the winning ribs. Everything looks great, I am getting hungry, wish I had a plate with a little of each and a bowl of some fried rice. Can’t wait till grilling season. The beef Tenderloin looks real interesting. Thanks for all you work Jason.

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