Broward County Dining: Bagels & Whole Lot More

Bagels & Whole Lot More
10281 West Sample Road, Coral Springs FL 33065

Web Site:

If you’ve been watching my Twitter feed, you probably know by now that Rachel and I have arrived in the Sunshine State.

It’s been a rough couple of weeks — not just because we decided to move to our new home during the brutal South Florida summer heat and humidity, but also because a number of logistical issues have prevented us from unpacking most of our belongings. We’ve been sleeping on a mattress on a floor in our family room and our bedrooms are currently being tiled. And all our new bedroom furniture is on order.

I have only one of my computers working, which is propped up precariously on a folding table in the living room. And my Mac with my photo editing suite isn’t unpacked yet, so I’ve been doing all my food photography with Instagram on my Android phone.

This and a pending swimming pool construction project is enough to drive you completely crazy. We’re roughing it, and we’re doing the best we can. At least I have my new Weber Genesis S-330 LP gas grill set up and running on the patio and we have cable TV and Internet.

And oh yeah, the air conditioning is working flawlessly.

Priorities, you know.

Speaking of priorities, I have already begun the task of seeking out the things that are essential to the survival of a native New York/New Jersey expatriate: Decent Asian food, Pizza… and Bagels.

Now, there’s no lack of bagels in South Florida. In fact, there’s probably a bagel store a five minute drive (or less) from everywhere in the town where we’ve settled, Coral Springs.

Coral Springs is a huge sprawling town of over 120,000 people. If I were to compare it to a town in New Jersey, I’d say it was demographically similar to Paramus, but it’s laid out in a grid form, with six times the population, with all of the commercial and residential zoning laid out in distinct squares, and none of the two mix.

It’s like someone who was a fan of the original SimCity computer game decided to apply its simplistic urban planning methodology to reality, and stuff it full of strip malls and gated communities and landscape it with palm trees and lush tropical plants.

I’m not complaining, I love my new environs. But clearly Toto, we’re not in Jersey anymore.

Anyway, back to the bagels. There’s lots of bagels to be found, but none of them are legit. The problem with South Florida bagels is that because of the huge elderly and retiree population, they’ve been adapted to local tastes. That means making them softer in consistency. To do that, virtually every bagel store steams rather than boils the bagels before baking them. This makes the resulting product more like a roll than a bagel.

Others have attributed the problem to the quality and mineral content of NYC water versus Florida water. I say horseshit. It’s all in the boiling and traditional preparation methods, especially once you put in a good water filter system. The difference in mineral content is going to slightly change the “terroir” of the bagel, but it will still end up a legit bagel.

After doing a bit of research, I have found a legit bagel bakery in Coral Springs. It’s called Bagels & Whole Lot More, and it’s only a few months old. The owner is from New York, has imported his bagel making equipment from Long Island and filters his water with a reverse osmosis system. And he’s doing everything the right way.

Bagels & Whole Lot More in Coral Springs, FL. 

Ready for real New York-style bagels in South Florida? Click on the “Read the rest of this entry link below” for more.

While bagels are the main attraction, the store is a full service deli and luncheonette. They carry the full line of Boars Head products for making sandwiches and paninis and they also roast their own turkey and will cater. They offer a full menu of breakfast items including omelettes, pancakes…

And French Toast.

No self-respecting bagelry or delicatessen would be without a good appetizing section. This one is first class. They also have a full compliment of in-house baked goods which includes pastries, cookies and muffins.

The bagels. All of your favorites are here. The only two “weird” flavors are Asiago Cheese and a whole grain with cranberries and walnuts. That raised my blood pressure a little bit but I was calmed down soon enough…

Needless to say, I think I found my bagel place.

3 Responses to Broward County Dining: Bagels & Whole Lot More

  1. David Wilson says:

    Have to say that I miss your scurrying around northern New Jersey finding all the little known restaurant gems. Food blogs like yours are like radio programs–you really tune in because of the personality of guy picking the music. The Montclair lady looks at the world differently than you.

  2. Give Melody a chance, she has an incredible passion for food, a deep understanding of culinary arts and has the energy to chase around North Jersey. Once you get to know her, you’ll love her stuff.

  3. dickybilly says:

    Welcome to south Florida. Happy that you’ve found your “full service” bagel place but if you eventually get out of your 2 mile radius from home and find Broadway Bagels in Plantation/Sunrise on Cleary Blvd has the best boiled NYstyle bagels in your area.

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