New Jersey: So long, but not goodbye.

Some of you may or may not already be aware that Rachel and I have sold our home here in Bergen County. We are closing at the end of the month and are moving to South Florida.

This is a bit of a bittersweet ending since moving from New York State to New Jersey in 1992 and calling the greater NYC metro area home for over 40 years.

My job will not change — I’ll still be doing a lot of travel for my primary employer and will continue my computer industry writing at ZDNet.

While I am sure it will bring me back to the area fairly often, it will no longer be possible for me to continue my food and restaurant coverage in Northern New Jersey on a reliable basis.

I’m going to continue food writing on the site, but it will have a Florida focus on the restaurant side and more emphasis on the cooking (outdoor grilling, etc.) and the other restaurant coverage will be travel-related depending on where I go.

However, I have no intention of leaving New Jersey in the lurch. You’ve probably already noticed that there has been a significant amount of new restaurant coverage being supplied by Melody Kettle and her writers from the Montclair-based Hot From the Kettle blog.

Melody and I are now the best of friends and I can assure you that she will be covering all the major centers of Northern New Jersey restaurant activity on Off The Broiler, including Bergen, Morris, Passaic and Essex counties.  She has an incredible passion for food and an unbridled amount of energy, and I know she will do a fine job.

What I hope to accomplish is to allow OTB to have a mix of New Jersey and Florida coverage. Many people who live in New Jersey travel to Florida frequently, live there part time or are even considering moving there permanently, so I think it will be a good mix.

There are other changes which I am planning for the blog later in the year which will greatly increase the scope of what we do, and I will keep you updated as they occur.

To everyone who has been following me here since February 2006 — and to all the New Jersey restaurants that have enriched my life (and my stomach) for the past five and half years, I bid you so long, but not goodbye.

And to South Florida: Prepare for a wild ride.

4 Responses to New Jersey: So long, but not goodbye.

  1. Well where in Florida? I’m a long displaced N.J. foodie from Glen Rock who served time in the culinary wasteland of Indiana, and I now live in Vero Beach and write for the Scripps family of newspapers.
    You’re giving up easy access to great bagels, you’ll have to hunt for pizza you like, but you’re gaining Publix, which while pricey is perhaps the best grocery store chain in the USA. I’d love to meet you after years of reading Off the Broiler, and I’d be happy to join in a review or two.
    If you’re moving down near Boca it’s a drive but there are some places like Ben’s Kosher that I have wanted to check out. Don’t be a stranger.

  2. My dad lives in WPB, I’ll pass on the news – 3 places we enjoy when visiting the area are: Captain Charlies in Juno Beach, A newish Vietnamese restaurant Pho 16 in WPB 2905 N Military Trl., and Riggins in Lantana for garlic and MD style crabs (although last visit was not as good). Best wishes!

  3. Florida just gained a valuable asset! Your reviews and recommendations will be missed greatly.

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