NJ Dining: Le Saluben Cafe Market Opens in Montclair

Hot From The Kettle contributor, John Lee, has been following Le Salbuen since the “attractively papered windows, featuring vintage utensils stenciled on kraft paper” appeared on the storefront.  Today, Le Salbuen opens.  Here’s what John Lee had to say:

First impressions of the space leave guests wondering what filled the space before. Classic black and white tiles, pressed tin ceiling tiles, and vintage fixtures feel as if they have been there forever. The space was an empty shell a few months ago, trips to salvage companies and vintage shops filled the space to tell its story.  John and Christina wanted Le Salbuen to have a familiar feel presented in a new way, all the details in the café do just that. It’s easy to think that they inherited the place from their ancestors, and in many ways they did.

Read more and view John’s beautiful slideshow on Hot From The Kettle.

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