NJ Dining: Nosher Rye

Nosher Rye
51 West Allendale Road, Allendale, NJ 07401

Web Site: http://www.nosherrye.com

Huge multi-decker sandwiches on soft rye bread. Chopped Liver. Knishes. Sour Pickles and Coleslaw. Black Cherry sodas and Egg Creams.

Yeah baby, I know what you want. 

To me, it sounds like the opening lines of a phone sex conversation. But let’s face it, for many of us Jews, the stomach is our sensual organ of choice. And for those of us of Eastern European extraction, the Ashkenazim, the deli is the cultural center of our sensual universe, much like the synagogue or the temple is our soul.

But as we all know, the delicatessen is a dying breed. They are expensive to run and the pleasures they offer are not appreciated by many.

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So I was pleased to hear that a new Kosher-style delicatessen had opened in November of 2011 in nearby Allendale. Managed and owned by Steve Vaccari  (who  also owns Goldberg’s Bagels in Wyckoff) the 48-seat restaurant offers the traditional Jewish deli we all know and love with a few extra tweaks to fit modern tastes. Vaccari has also brought in a dream team of seasoned deli men with decades of combined experience in order to make it a quality operation.

I say we skip the foreplay and get right down to business, shall we?

Cue the Klezmer porno music. You’re about to get your deli groove on. Click on the “Read the rest of this entry link below” for more.

The deli case at Nosher Rye is vast, and virtually everything is made in-house. There’s a huge array of salads and sides to go with your sandwiches and platters. The restaurant also does a pretty significant catering and take-out business, just in case you want to nosh in the privacy of your own home.

This sandwich listing is only a very small sample of what the restaurant actually offers. Click here to view the full menu.

Chopped Liver appetizer. Also banned by the Geneva Convention as a weapon of mass heartburn.

Okay, Passover is done, but I like Matzo Balls and I cannot lie. You other Hebrews can’t deny.

A selection of side salads.

This multi-decker of Pastrami, Corned Beef, Turkey and Salami with Coleslaw and Russian Dressing is a specialty sandwich called a “Sloppy Joe”. The New Jersey Sloppy Joe was invented at the Town Hall Deli in South Orange.

Nosher Rye does not make its Pastrami or Corned Beef in-house, but it sources it from a purveyor based in Brooklyn. It’s good stuff, I guarantee.

A huge portion of spinach pie (not traditional Jewish deli, but excellent nonetheless) flanked by a Kasha Knish. Both made in-house and excellent.

Hot open brisket sandwich with gravy. Mmmmmmmm.

Or perhaps an 8oz “Reuben Burger” with Pastrami, Russian Dressing, Melted Cheese and Sauerkraut is more your speed?

What do you finish off with? Well, a giant New York Egg Cream, of course. The only disappointing aspect is that the restaurant doesn’t have big clear glasses to serve it in yet. That’s now in the process of being rectified. However, By all means, order one of these, regardless of what serving vessel is available. This is the real deal.

3 Responses to NJ Dining: Nosher Rye

  1. David Wilson says:

    Eppis essen?
    Eppis trinken?
    Eppis zu denken?

    Jason thanks for pulling my coat to this place. But you are slipping into drive-by reviews lately. I see all the pretty pictures and have a good idea about the place. But how does it compare to the other delis in terms of quality, price, and tastiness?

  2. jwalkerlive says:


    Did you try the pastrami on rye? Simply excellent!

  3. zhelder says:

    Nice to see this write-up on a great Jewish deli in an area where they’re virtually non-existent. They’ve actually been open since November 2010, and I’ve been going there since they opened. Their sandwiches are very good, and their chicken noodle soup is the best I’ve had except for my mom’s. The prices on most items are quite reasonable, especially for the area. They are kosher style, not truly kosher, but the stuff is just as good and significantly cheaper on most items than the kosher delis, like the Kosher Nosh. I hope they’re around for a long time.

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