Keiles Superbowl 2011: We Got Legs

Superbowl parties are in many ways more important and more American than Thanksgiving. And it certainly feels more authentic, at least to me anyway.

While there are no lack of holidays to spend time with your family, there are few that are really dedicated to spending it with good friends. And in our circle of friends, the Superbowl is all about the food, especially when you have absolutely no emotional investment in the teams that are playing.

Last year, the theme of the Superbowl party at Doug and Laura Keiles’  house was BACON. This year, it was LEGS.

Ribs Within Pitmaster Doug Keiles and his “Major Award”.

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The outdoor beer cooler.

BBQ Chicken Leg “Lollipops”

Mmmm. Legs.

Venison Leg Stew

Chicken Leg/Tomatillo Tamales (click here for recipe) one of Rachel’s contributions.

Ladies thighs, a deep-fried Turkish style lamb meatball with rice, made by Laura.

Greek Keftedes, made with ground leg of lamb, flavored with sharp Greek cheese, Greek herbs and Ouzo Liqour,  served with Tzatziki sauce, my contribution.

Cuban Black Bean Stew, made with Pork Shoulder and Pork Sausage. Hey, nobody said what part of the leg it had to be.

Venison leg roast, wrapped and stuffed with with hot smoked pork belly.

Slicing up the venison.

Venison plated

A view of the desserts table.

Leg Lamp Cake

Fully functional Leg Lamp and Lampshade, made out of Rice Krispy treats.

Spider Leg Cupcakes

More cupcakes!

Chocolate truffles made by Rachel. These are all flavored based on “Leg Spreader” cocktail shooters. One is coffee flavored and the other is Melon/Coconut/Pineapple flavored.

Chocolate Assortment made by Laura. The white ones are “Elvis” (Leg shaking) made with peanut butter, banana and bacon. The brown ones are gingerbread and the others dark chocolate and espresso coffee flavors.

4 Responses to Keiles Superbowl 2011: We Got Legs

  1. Howard Fredrics says:

    True works of food art, and nice photos, too!

  2. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by BSM2, Bon Viveur. Bon Viveur said: Keiles Superbowl 2011: We Got Legs: Superbowl parties are in many ways more important and… […]

  3. Luis Puig says:

    thought I could share with you guys, the new cooking site of Ferran Adria, elBulli Foundation.

    The master of chefs intents to go live in Internet in 2014, but his foundation’s site is already up and running with an English and blogging sections for fans and cooks around the world.

    Check it out.

  4. […] years ago it was the Leg Bowl, with 28 different dishes including legs (and bonus points for including bacon, too). All sorts of […]

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