Zinburger brings you Jet Fuel with a pastrami afterburner

Zinburger’s special “Jet Fuel” burger.

The New York Jets may have missed their opportunity for Superbowl glory this year in last weekend’s game against the Steelers, but Zinburger in Clifton still wants to support the local team. In honor of a hard fought football season, they’re offering the “Jet Fuel” burger which I had the privilege of trying over the weekend, and it tastes as good as it looks.

The burger, which is going to be featured on the menu for the next two weeks at their Clifton NJ location, features Certified Angus Beef topped with 1000 Islands Mean and Tasty New York State Cheddar, Gulden’s Spicy Mustard, New York Pastrami, Lettuce and Mayo on a lightly buttered brioche-style bun.

Accompanied by a nice glass or two of Pinot Noir or a California Cabernet, that doesn’t sound like such a bad way to drown your sorrows in front of their HDTV sports bar on Superbowl Sunday if you’re a Jets fan.

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