AMC’s Dine-In Theatres: The Movies’ Last Stand at the Box Office?

AMC’s Dine-In Theatre seeks to re-invent the movie-going experience with in-theater dinging cocktails and waitress service right from your seat. But in the face of On-Demand streaming content and inexpensive, high-definition home entertainment technology, is the movie theater still viable?

Like many Americans, I love going to the movies. There’s something special about the entire experience, sitting in the dark theater with a huge screen, booming sound system, munching on popcorn, and being in a large venue where you’re sharing the experience with others.

Movie-going has been practically a cornerstone of American society — more marriages and long-term relationships have probably started from “dinner and a movie” than any other. I myself can attribute the first date with my wife to going to a movie some 16 years ago. I even remember what film we saw — Star Trek: Generations. The movie was so awful, I’m surprised I even got a second date.

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2 Responses to AMC’s Dine-In Theatres: The Movies’ Last Stand at the Box Office?

  1. Jezo says:

    How about taking a trip down to the middle of NJ and reviewing the one true dinner and movie experience at the Dunellen Theater?

    Sure, it’s not fancy, the walls are falling down, the single screen is tiny, and there are only two speakers, but there is a full bar menu, drinks, and table service at every seat!

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