Bergenfest 2010 Highlights

Bergenfest 2010, which was held on Thursday, September 30th at The Estate at Florentine Gardens in River Vale and sponsored by Bergen Health and Life magazine, attracted hundreds of attendees which sampled food from the county’s best restaurants and shops.

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By far one of the most popular restaurants that participated at the event was Biggie’s in Hoboken, which did a raw bar complete with huge jumbo shrimp, freshly shucked oysters and clams.

I love these little guys.

While I could have easily hovered over this station for the remainder of the event, there were a lot of other things to see and taste.

Of everything I tried at the event, I was most impressed with the sashimi-grade tuna canapes that Latour Restaurant in Ridgewood brought. They could have easily done a chafing-style dish that many of the other restaurants at the event opted for, but instead they went with creativity and freshness. I’ve never been to Latour but now I’m very interested in checking them out.

Latour also brought along a sampling of some of their pastry work — this is a fabulous almond frangipane tart, a classic French preparation.

Cake and Strawberries for dipping with the Chocolate fondue from the Melting Pot in Edgewater.

These bartenders from Blue Moon Mexican Cafe seem to be having fun. Could it be they were right across from…

The belly dancers? Shweeet.

As cupcakes.

As easily distracted I am from attractive women in skimpy outfits or sending myself into insulin shock, this shrimp scampi from The Chart House in Weehawken immediately got my attention.

Mmm. Scampi.

While many of the dishes at the event were of the chafing-style (I saw a lot of pasta and risotto-type things) I thought that Sanducci’s Trattoria in River Edge did a very nice job with theirs, with a simple Parmigiano and lemon-butter flavored sauteed chicken breast dish (their “Chicken Cristina”) accompanied with Rigatoni a la Vodka.

Sugar Flake Bakery in Westwood put up a huge display of wonderful cookies. And they’re Kosher-certified too.

Bergenfest was a lot of fun and there was a great deal more to see, especially if you have an interest in some of the other things besides food, such as with the cosmetics, health and wellness and fashion exhibitors. I’m looking forward in seeing what’s in store for next year.

3 Responses to Bergenfest 2010 Highlights

  1. Great spread. Was this open to the public?

  2. Elizabeth Sutaria says:

    I’m so glad that you take pictures of all the places you(and Rachel)go–
    these from the Bergenfest look yummy!

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