NJ Dining: Tenafly Farmers Market (2010)

Tenafly Farmers Market
Open May 16 thru November, Sundays 9am-2pm

Web Site: http://www.tenaflyfarmersmarket.com

The Tenafly Farmers Market (see 2009 photos) has returned, and it’s off to a great start. This year, it opened several weeks early, on May 16, as the weather has turned balmy much earlier than normal and with the ample rain and sun we’ve had recently, wonderful produce is arriving sooner than usual.


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Yes those are real Ostrich eggs. You can make a hell of a big omelet with that.

In addition to produce you can get all sorts of specialty meats and charcuterie at the Market.

Mmmmm. Tasting samples!

Wandering minstrels for your Minestrone.

I love the vibrant colors of this stuff.

Organically grown strawberries. Not cheap, but the flavor is sensational.

Life is sometimes a bowl of cherries.

Burpless cukes. Eat ’em with the skin and all.

Summer’s bounty.

All of this produce is from Lani’s Farm, a new Bordentown, NJ-based specialty producer. Lani is new to Tenafly Farmers Market but their produce isn’t — the owner used to own half of Yuno’s Farm, which has now been split up as result of a… business divestiture.

So much to choose from.

I bought some of the pretty purple onions. I’m going to grill these along with some skirt steaks.

The color explodes with the high quality produce at the market.

You know it’s summer when the Squash and Tomatoes start to hit. These tomatoes are hothouse, as the weather has been somewhat unpredictable lately. Last summer many of the outdoor tomatoes went bad due to heavy rains, and the farmers have been compensating this year with more indoor-grown tomatoes.

Gorgeous Persian cukes.

Baby eggplants.

These Tatsoi flowers have an interesting flavor. It was suggested I eat them with scrambled eggs, or in the raw over salad greens.

Squash flowers make a great fried appetizer, stuffed with cheese and dipped in egg batter.

You can almost smell these through the screen, right?

Local tomatoes.

These literally explode with juice in your mouth.

Tenafly Farmers Market is a dangerous place to be if you’re a fresh produce junkie.

There may be a purple Gumbo in my future.

There’s a lot to choose from.

D&J Organic has returned this year with their organic Asian vegetables. This Yu Choy and Gai Lan has a stir fry with their name on it.

Bread Alone is back this year. Make sure you get to the market early, because their stuff runs out really fast.

Some of the varieties that Bread Alone carries. I got here at 11:30, and a lot of the stuff they came with was already sold out.

Thankfully, some of the larger loaves were still available!

This healthy multigrain came home with me.

Here’s a day when I got earlier, at around 10:30AM.

He who gets there early gets his choice of bread.

Here are the folks from Moon Doggie Coffee Roasters in Maywood, a local coffee shop. The owners are really nice people (they rescue Basset Hounds) and are true Coffee Geeks. They  have their locally roasted flavored and single origin coffees for sale by the pound, and also have great hot and iced coffee if you want something to go with your croissants/muffins from Bread Alone.

Mmmmm. Chocolate Truffle


The hot and steamy weather calls for iced coffee. But if caffeine doesn’t float your boat, I heartily recommend the fresh squeezed lemonade.

Or a nice cool and briny pickle from Picklelicious in Teaneck.

As always, Tenafly Farmers Market is Kid-Friendly.

Tenafly Farmers Market is a great place to bring your pets for a walk. Here’s a cute mini poodle puppy. He looks like someone I used to know.

Are they selling puppies or produce? I can’t tell.

Not everything here which is beautiful has to be eaten.

6 Responses to NJ Dining: Tenafly Farmers Market (2010)

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  2. lex says:

    i was wondering about Yuna’s/Lani’s farm (loved yuna’s last year and was bummed she opted for Peirmont’s market over T-fly’s)…is this her sis/friend? Reguardless, those cukes are A-FREAKING-MAZING…pricey, but worth it. Looking forward to R____ (black dirt farmers from warwick) to return.

  3. Josephine says:


    The farmer’s market website says the hours are 10am-2pm, and you say the hours are 9am-2pm. Should I hedge my bets and arrive at 9:30?

  4. Rick Vanover says:

    Looks like a great farmers market, Jason. So many great options. I seem to have a much smaller selection in mine, but hey! The more people that show up, the bigger it will become.

  5. […] three massive tomatoes came from the Tenafly Farmers Market, specifically from Lani’s Farm, in Bordentown.The one front and center weighs 2.23lbs, which […]

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