NJ Dining: BBS Chicken

BBS Chicken
561 Livingston Street, Norwood NJ
(201) 768-1230

Web Site: http://www.bbschicken.com

BBS Chicken, the rogue warrior of Fried Chicken in Norwood, is the new king of Korean Wings in North Jersey.

As many of you are aware, I’m a bit of an obsessive when it comes to Korean Fried Chicken.

In Northern New Jersey, since I last wrote about the subject in 2007, there have been a number of openings of new Korean wing joints. Unidentified Flying Chickens in Tenafly opened in 2009 and in early January 2010, its sister restaurant in Englewood, Green’Licious Cafe also opened.

However I think there’s a new wing king, and unlike the big names such as Bon Chon which has multiple locations in the NYC/NJ metro area,  it’s an independent takeout/delivery-only store run by a pair of young, enterprising guys with a passion for making a quality product, and they’re on the main drag of Livingston Street in Norwood, where several Korean  businesses have opened up in the last few years, further extending the Korean community from their commercial centers in Palisades Park, Fort Lee, Leonia and Ridgefield.

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Andy and Won, the Korean Fried Chicken savants of North Jersey. Just about everything at BBS (which apparently stands for “Bae Brothers”) is made from scratch, including all of their sauces, which were formulated over a period of two years prior to opening the store.

The BBS wing philosophy. They submit to a higher power.

The wing menu. Click on the photo to enlarge.

The sides menu. Click on the photo to enlarge.

A sampler of the popular signature flavors. Left/foreground “Hot”, Right Soy garlic, with “Crispy” in the background. All orders of wings come with the ubiquitous “Mul” Korean white radish pickle, which has a nice cooling effect on the palate. BBS also has regular American-style coleslaw for the less adventurous.

Another view, with “Crispy” in the foreground.

Of the “Signature” flavors my favorite is the “Hot” which uses Korean gochujang red pepper paste as its key ingredient. All of BBS’ wings, which are fresh and not frozen, are brined for 14 hours and then marinated in rice powder for 2 hours before breading and frying in pure peanut oil. This yields a very crispy coating and skin that is not greasy with very juicy meat.

BBS also takes pride in its full-size fried chicken drumsticks which can be ordered in the same sauces as the wings. This is the “Crispy” flavor which we thought was excellent.

Korokke, or Japanese-style potato/vegetable croquettes, served with Tonkatsu sauce.

One of the more interesting sides is their “Fried spicy pickle”. Weird, yet good.

In addition to the Korean-style wings BBS also has regular American/Buffalo-style wings. These are the BBQ flavored ones.

Of the American/Buffalo-styles, my personal favorite are the “Fire” wings which have a habanero-based hot sauce. And yes, they are indeed firey hot.

BBS also has salads and prides itself on using fresh lettuce/produce (not from bags) washed and cut fresh each day.

14 Responses to NJ Dining: BBS Chicken

  1. Don’t schlep to Northvale. Try the “wings of fire” at BBC Chicken & Beer on Anderson Avenue in Cliffside or its takeout counterpart in Pal Park.

  2. That should be BBQ Chicken & Beer.

  3. Won says:

    hi i am Won from BBS’ chicken!
    thanx for the great review on us and hope you had great time with our foods and environments!
    by the way~ just wanna make small corrections~ BBS stands for “Bae” Brothers
    (maybe my pronunciation wasnt good enough for them to understand =) hehe )
    and my boss (left of my pic) ‘s name is Andy! ^^
    Thank you for commenting us victor and try our FIRE! its spicier than Wings of FIRE!!!
    FIRE ROCKS!!!’
    Thank YOU JASON!!

  4. Thomas says:

    Yeah that’s BBQ and this is BBS chicken, man
    I tried these guys’ chicken and it was amazing.
    they have three different types of sauce and everything is great
    personally, I liked spicy sauce one (don’t remember the name of sauce)
    anyway I’m gon head over there tomorrow cuz they r having sale

  5. You are referring to BBS being spicier than BBQ? If so, we’ll have to go, too.

  6. Victor it’s really seriously spicy and the quality of the chicken is excellent. By all means, go.

  7. You’re the man, Jason. We’ll definitely check it out. As you know, my son is from Jamaica, and he knows spicy.

  8. angelo says:

    any suggestion for non-spicy flavors???
    how their soy garlic taste like? is it just like bonchon?

  9. Pan Fried Flounder says:

    Just tried BBS Chicken yesterday and it was great! Had the soy garlic and the hot wings. They were both very tasty. Also had the crispy drumsticks and they were extremely juicy and had a unique flavor to them (ginger?) Definitely have to try their “fire” buffalo wings next. Thanks Jason for another great review. And good luck to Andy and Won (two very nice guys).

  10. […] Unidentified Flying Chicken has an outpost in Tenafly. And not to be left out, the current “king of Korean Wings in North Jersey“, BBs’ Chicken in […]

  11. […] Unidentified Flying Chicken has an outpost in Tenafly. And not to be left out, the current “king of Korean Wings in North Jersey“, BBs’ Chicken in […]

  12. boozyburbs says:

    Unfortunately, BBs’ closed a few months ago. A new spot called Yam Yam Chicken has taken its place http://www.boozyburbs.com/2012/11/21/korean-fried-chicken-at-yam-yam-chicken-in-norwood/

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