(UPDATE) NJ Dining: Picnic Caterers

Chef Christine Nunn announced some Good News / Bad News last week. First the bad, Picnic in Emerson will be closed for lunch effective immediately. They will still be doing catering out of a professional kitchen, so all scheduled parties will not be effected, and you can continue to book parties as well (call the number, below). This is all to make time in Chef Nunn’s life for the GOOD news: Picnic, The Restaurant, will be opening at the Radburn Building in Fair Lawn, hopefully in June. Stay tuned for more about Picnic, The Restaurant, as Off The Broiler learns about it.

Picnic Catering
(201) 321-3213

You’ve heard my praises about Christine Nunn and her wonderful little catering operation in Emerson before (click for podcast and previous photos). However, as of last week, Christine and her merry elves at Picnic have been doing dinner take-out orders. I recently had a chance to sample some of the dishes, and if you’re not inclined to cook for yourself this evening or some night in the future, but you want a restaurant-style meal to take home that will knock your socks off, get a good look at some of these:

Picnic’s Chef Christine Nunn, with an abundance of chanterelle mushrooms.

Click on the “Read the rest of this entry linked below” for more.

Christine’s interpretation of “Shake and Bake” chicken with roasted corn and macaroni and cheese. She makes her own Shake and Bake mix out of croissants!

Braised Veal Shank with Vegetable Stew and Garlic Mashed Potatoes.

Flank Steak with Wild Mushrooms (Chaterelle, Porcini and Morel) roasted potatoes and Haricot Vert.

Flank Steak as plated for takeout order.

Grilled Wild Boar Chop with Vegetable Tatin, White Bean Puree and Sweet Potato Mash.

Picnic makes fresh lobster roll and lobster salad every Friday. Make sure you come in early for lunch, because they disappear quickly.

I could eat this entire bowl myself.

6 Responses to (UPDATE) NJ Dining: Picnic Caterers

  1. […] if its the one thing I have learned, is to take Christine very, very seriously. And I knew that if she was making a burger, well, I knew I had to have one. I invited myself over […]

  2. […] mistake of course is an understandable one — I usually go next door to visit my friend Christine Nunn at Picnic Caterers, where I find myself succumbing to her culinary skill on many an occasion. […]

  3. rickvanover says:

    Royal – very tasty looking Mr. Perlow. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Jason S. says:

    I am PSYCHED about a Picnic restaurant. Beyond PSYCHED… I am prepared to actually MOVE to Fair Lawn.

  5. Robert_M says:

    Lmao! Look at those lobster rolls? And this is in Jersey too? Oh man, I’ve been missing out.

  6. Thanks for posting! Good luck with the opening! The food in the picture looks great. I’m sure when you open it will be a big hit!

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