NJ Dining: Sliders (CLOSED)

4/1/2010 Sliders has closed.

190 Franklin Turnpike, Mahwah NJ
(201) 529-1717

Sliders storefront on Franklin Turnpike in Mahwah.

Sliders is a new burger place in Mahwah which opened in August of 2009. While it’s a bit down route 17 near the Suffern NY border, I think that it’s well worth the drive now that they are offering their “Secret Menu” platters which I helped them to create. I really hope you go, because I think the burgers are excellent and they are great people too.

The new “Secret Menu Platters” at Sliders designed by Off The Broiler.

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Sliders had opened up back last summer but I never had the opportunity to get to it, because it had been closed for a number of weeks due to the illness of one of the restaurant’s partners and I was doing quite a bit of traveling as well. Still, I vowed to return. When it comes to mini-burgers, I have a serious weakness for the little guys, but I have a particularly strong benchmark to measure them against.

Interior signage. Doesn’t that burger look like its wearing a thong?

The Sliders menu. Click on the photo to enlarge.

Seating is fairly classic Jersey Diner.

Various cutesy knick knacks and tchotchkes add to the ambiance.

The “Big Bob” Breakfast. 3 Pancakes, Double Eggs, Bacon, Taylor Ham and Home Fries.

Breakfast Burrito, with Eggs, Home Fries, Taylor Ham, Onions, Peppers, Cheese. Make sure to ask for salsa on the side.

This is the standard twin slider plate. The onions were grilled nicely and the beef was nice and juicy. Sliders uses an 85 percent lean beef mix, and I think it’s a good beef to fat ratio for this particular burger. Although the current fries Sliders are using are not fresh-cut and are of the commercial variety, they were definitely nice and crispy and I definitely would insist on them being well-done. Sliders also has onion rings but we didn’t order any this time around.

The first time we went we also shared a chili dog. Chili had a nice flavor while not being particularly spicy, it had a decent cinnamon flavor to it which gave it that classic North Jersey chili dog taste. The dog itself is a an all-beef Thumann’s, which is a very mild, bologna-like dog that lends itself well to heavy condimentation.

As of March 2010 Sliders has now introduced their “Secret Menu” Platters, which are twin doubles designed by yours truly at Off The Broiler. First up is the Double Bacon Bomb, which has bacon, cheese and fried onions. These are shown with Fresh Cut French fries which are currently undergoing “Beta Testing” and will be available soon.

This is the Dirty Bomb, doubles with Bob’s special “Dirt Sauce” (beanless chili) fried onions, melted cheddar and raw onion on top.

La Bomba. Doubles with Cheddar, Salsa, Green Onions and Hot Peppers.

Rachel got herself a Chicken Slider. Meh.

Sliders has a good array of hot sauces in order to kick your experience up a notch. I particularly like the sauce on the extreme left.

Especially with the new Bomb platters, Siders is definitely now a “destination” burger joint like White Manna. I’d classify it as a must-go.

2 Responses to NJ Dining: Sliders (CLOSED)

  1. DHL says:

    I’ve been there once and the burgers are very good. Gotta go again.

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