NJ Dining: Bennies

Note: with the recent review of Bennies in the New York Times, I decided to feature one of my favorite local restaurants. I’ve updated the post with a bunch of new photos from a recent meal.

Bennies Englewood
54 E Palisade Ave, Englewood, NJ
(201) 894-5700

Web Site: http://www.benniesofenglewood.com

When I’ve been eating hardcore pizza and hamburgers and meats for a couple of days, I crave refreshing Mediterranean cuisine that is dominated by vegetarian dishes. My favorite place to indulge in this is Bennies, a family-run Lebanese restaurant on Palisade Avenue in Englewood.


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I’ve been eating at Bennies for almost ten years now, ever since I moved into the local Tenafly/Englewood/Fort Lee area. When you eat there, you’re made to feel like a welcomed member of their extended family. Fadia, the attractive, talkative and health and ingredient-obsessed matriarch, who looks like a sexy Middle Eastern movie star, prepares a phalanx of salads, appetizers and cold dishes and bakes all the pastries that are served there.

She only uses the absolute best produce, and while they are Muslim, she buys only the best quality Kosher meats for the restaurant, and the place has both a strong Arab and Israeli following.

Bennies does so many things well, and its hard to touch on everything the restaurant excels at in one visit. But here’s a sample.


Cold display case of Mezze/Mazza

Cold salads display case (2009)


Spicy red pepper dip (Muhamara) with Hummus and Tabbouleh (Parsley/tomato/Bulghur) salad (2009)

Sesame Chicken with Vegetable Couscous and Roasted Vegetables (2009)


Kofta Kebab Sandwich

Chicken and Kofta Kebab Combo over Bulghur and Spinach (2008)

Kofta Kebab Platter over Rice and Mixed Vegetables (2009)

Salmon with Grilled Mushrooms (2008)

Lebanese Pizza

Felafel Sandwich

Felafel Closeup


Nutella and Banana Crepe

Arabic Coffee (2009)


Tea Service

Fresh Fruit Juice

Baklava (2009)

11 Responses to NJ Dining: Bennies

  1. […] In fact, I would say that their Middle Eastern offerings rival Bennies in Englewood in terms of quality, which is saying a great deal. The restaurant is owned by a young Israeli couple and features Kosher Meat items. The restaurant is certified by the RCBC and there is a Kosher supervisor there during all business hours (although he basically just sits there and reads the newspaper, apparently.) […]

  2. Anthony A says:

    I visited Bennie’s yesterday and loved their Chicken Schwarma and found the service friendly and attentive.

    However, what gives with the wall mural and the faux human entrails and blood coming out at the base?

    It could put a damper on the appetite of a less adventurous diner. However, I will remain undeterred viscera and all. Thanks for the recommendation.

  3. Antonio Soares says:

    We have been almost every week in Bennies since my wife found the restaurant when walking down the street in the summer of 2005. As a matter of fact we actually had our wedding right in Bennies. The restaurant is well decorated and the family that runs it couldn’t be nicer.

    Another thing! We are well travelled people and basically know quite a lot about gastronomy.

    S and A

  4. Sarah says:

    I love your blog and your coverage of Portuguese food! I’ve been googling like crazy tonight trying to find Sumol in my location in the US but no avail! My fiance is from a city north of Lisbon and I always have the stuff when I’m there. Looking at the pic from Seabra’s is like heaven. :D

  5. […] in the Bergen County area. For that, I’d have to reccomend you to Joeyness in Fort Lee or Bennies in Englewood for Lebanese style food, or Adonisa’s in Fort Lee or A Taste of Greece in River […]

  6. Lord Jezo says:

    Is that a different camera? The pics dont look as amazing as they usually do..

    • The post dates back to 2006, I’m just bringing it back for exposure. Only the 2009 photos are current, and I used my G7 (point and shoot) as opposed to my Rebel XSi/f.14. I actually pulled some of the oldest and crappiest looking photos off the post!

  7. letsgrub says:

    wow.. that looks so yummy.

  8. Victoria List says:

    I discovered Bennies post-9/11, when the NY Times ran an article encouraging readers to dine at Middle Eastern restaurants in the area that were languishing due to anti-Islamic feelings. They listed Bennies, which had previously escaped my notice–even though I’ve worked in Englewood since 1986. Once I discovered it, I have ofttimes returned with co-workers and friends. Everything there is bursting with flavor. Our hands-down favorite is the Peppercorn Crusted Ahi Tuna sandwich–Grilled Ahi Tuna, fresh spinach, avocado & spicy wasabi mayonnaise on rye toast. We order that, a few appetizers, and split them. Heaven!

  9. citygirldc says:

    I was just in Englewood visiting family and this is one of their favorite places. I’m all about strong flavors and love Middle Eastern food for that reason and how healthy it is. This is the best I’ve had on the East Coast. Everything I’ve had at Bennies is delicious and the price for a shawarma platter is unbelievable given all the food you get.

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