10-28-09 Updates: Green Door Cafe, Chengdu 1

Green Door Cafe in Tenafly brings in the Fall flavors with heartier dishes

Chengdu 1 in Cedar Grove brings in a Sichuan harvest for Autumn

5 Responses to 10-28-09 Updates: Green Door Cafe, Chengdu 1

  1. Ken Cooper says:

    Jason….I also love the addition of the Green Door to the local dining scene. Not only is the food good..it is reasonably priced for the area. However, on our last visit this past Sat. night I was surprised to see a new, much pricier dinner menu. Big Sky Burger @ $14.00!!! Rib Eye steak sandwich @ $14.95!! Wow, two of my favorites at too high a price. Also, medium burger served well done..shouldn’t be at those prices.
    Spoke to chef/owner who said food costs are higher. Duh!!

    • They don’t want to be a sandwich joint anymore, fully understandable. When all of your raw ingredients are organic it’s going to be expensive. The Big Sky Burger is not that expensive if you consider how big a burger it is and that its organic beef.

  2. Ken Cooper says:

    Let me get this straight…hamberger in Tenefly–$14.00 (plus cost of bbq sauce etc. if desired)…not expensive. A guess you’re changing as well as Green Door. . P.S. love your blog, but can’t agree on this one.

    • It’s expensive because every ingredient that restaurant has to buy is ORGANIC. That alone jacks the prices to at least 30 percent more than what non-organic ingredients cost. That and Tenafly rents are outrageous. Why do you think the town kills restaurants so quickly? Everything in Tenafly is expensive, that’s why I won’t eat at most places in that town even though I live there.

      Even at $14.00 and using organic grass-fed beef that burger is still cheaper than what you’ll find at most high-end restaurants in Manhattan. That’s a big burger.

  3. You always have to pay for quality, organice ingredients.


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