New Jersey Dining: Bevacqua’s Reservoir Tavern

Bevacqua’s Reservoir Tavern
90 Parsippany Blvd (US RT 202) Parsippany NJ

Web Site:

New York City gets the lion’s share of adoration from pizza fans, but those of us who live in the Garden State know that when it comes to pizza, we have some of the oldest continuing operating pizzerias serving traditional American pies anywhere in the country, particularly in areas like Trenton and Elizabeth, where we have legendary places like Delorenzo’s and Santillo’s that have been in operation for several decades. One of these top Jersey pizzerias is Reservoir Tavern in Parsippany, which opened its doors in 1936.

Reservoir Tavern isn’t just a pizzeria, it’s also a full service Italian restaurant and also has a full bar. While I would qualify their Italian offerings as solid Ital-Am red sauce fare, it’s the pizza that keeps me and many other locals coming back again and again. During prime dinner hours  it’s not unusual to see the Tavern’s huge parking lot filled with cars and no spaces to be found, and a 45 minute to one hour wait at the front door for seating. My best advice is to come early, if you can.

Reservoir Tavern, Boonton (Parsippany) NJ by you.

Main Dining Room

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Reservoir Tavern, Boonton (Parsippany) NJ by you.

“Toasties” which are crispy fried meatballs, a specialty of the restaurant.

Reservoir Tavern, Boonton (Parsippany) NJ by you.

Sauteed Green Beans with Parmesan Cheese

Reservoir Tavern, Boonton (Parsippany) NJ by you.

Rachel ordered Fasta Fagioli (or as we say in the Jerz, Pasta Fazool!) soup, which is one of the best renditions I’ve ever had at restaurant. Hearty, with little bits of chopped bacon in it.

Reservoir Tavern, Boonton (Parsippany) NJ by you.

The main event, the pizza. Reservoir Tavern really gets a nice crust char on its pies and has a great tangy sauce. The Tavern’s seasoned brick ovens do a great job on getting the pies cooked thru, with no undercooked doughy layer that plagues a lot of pizzas. You can see they use all fresh veggies and fresh sliced Italian Sausage. This combo pie, one of the specials, was a little watery due to the large vegetable content, I’d advise getting only one vegetable topping at a time.

Reservoir Tavern, Boonton (Parsippany) NJ by you.

Special pie closeup.

Reservoir Tavern, Boonton (Parsippany) NJ by you.

This is Reservoir Tavern’s Clam Pie. I liked it enough as the crust was fantastic but the quality and quantity of the clams that Reservoir uses isn’t anywhere near the level of what a place like Pepe’s in New Haven (which specializes in this type of pizza) makes. I’m pretty sure they use a canned clam for this. Reservoir Tavern also uses cheese on its clam pie, whereas Pepe’s does not.

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4 Responses to New Jersey Dining: Bevacqua’s Reservoir Tavern

  1. Mike says:

    Wow, flash from the past. My wife grew up in Parsippany and we used to go to The Reservoir for pizza when we were dating. Definitely putting it back on my “must revisit” list the next time we’re in town. (BTW, love this blog!)

  2. Bevacqua’s Reservoir Tavern has a new webpage! Please visit for more information. Please change the site at the top of the page.

  3. […] on the itinerary was Reservoir Tavern, but we decided it had to be cut. And the place which got us lost in the first place, La Sicilia, […]

  4. Jon C says:

    I’ve only been there once, but I’ve been dreaming of it for the past 5 years. I’m living in Texas now, but I’m going to Jersey for a family wedding this Wednesday and the “Rez” will be on the itinerary! Large pepperoni pizza and some toasties, please!!

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