New England Dining: Horton’s Seafood (UPDATED)

Horton’s Seafood
809 Broadway, East Providence, RI 02914
(401) 434-3116

Okay, let’s face it — no matter how hard you try to eat healthy when on vacation, you are going to fall off the wagon. For me, this would be fried seafood. But if you are going to fall off the wagon, then it better be worth the fall.

Horton’s Seafood, in East Providence, Rhode Island. Considered by many locals to be the best fried seafood restaurant in the entire city, and by far the best place I have found to sample the main varieties of New England-style clam chowders.

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You want Fried Seafood? You want Chowdah? You makin’ your way thru Providence? Then head to Horton’s. Click on the “Read the rest of this entry” link below for more.

Horton’s is a small restaurant and attracts a loyal following, so you may very well need to wait a bit before being seated on a busy night.

The fry kitchen, where the main action is.

Horton's Seafood, Providence RI by you.

Fried clams coming out of the fryulator.

Horton's Seafood, Providence RI by you.

The Horton’s menu.

Heather Coogan, the 3rd generation owner of Horton’s. Heather took over the restaurant from her parents in 2006 and is continuing the tradition of serving fine fried seafood like her grandfather did when the restaurant was started back in 1945. I love that T-Shirt.

The menu explains the restaurant’s history.

Just so that you don’t sound like a total tourist, “SCALLOP” is pronounced SKAH-LOPP.

Horton's Seafood, Providence RI by you.

A scallop shell, which is used as the base for Horton’s famous stuffed Quahog appetizer.

Horton’s uses a wet/dry batter technique that is more similar to a British fish fry than the cornmeal or dry flour or breadcrumb coatings used more commonly in New England.

Horton’s main dining room.

Fried Scrod exiting the quaduple fryulators. Trans-Fat Free, Cholesterol Free, deep fried golden goodness. This is not going to be diet night no matter how I try to justify this.

Platters of Fish and Chips heading for some happy customers.

Horton's Seafood, Providence RI by you.

A large order of fried clams.

Horton's Seafood, Providence RI by you.

A fried clam that is about to meet its doom.

Horton's Seafood, Providence RI by you.

At Horton’s, all forms of Chowda are served. The item on the lower right is a stuffed quahog clam.

Chowdah #1: Rhode Island Red.

Clam Cakes, which come with the Chowdah and Clamcake combo. Like clam flavored Zeppoles.

Horton's Seafood, Providence RI by you.

A large order of Clam Cakes. If you’re lucky, it will be buy 6 get 6 free night.

Chowdah #2, Clear Chowder. This one is brinyer and clammier than the red, and was my favorite. Horton’s has the traditional white New England chowder as well, but we had already sampled a lot of New England white that week and wanted to try the unique items.

Chowdah #3: Clambake Chowder, the evening’s special. This is Clear Chowder with Portuguese Sausage and Corn added. “Its Wikked Awesum” as the locals might say.

Horton's Seafood, Providence RI by you.

Chowdah #4: Classic New England Clam Chowder, the creamy, roux-thickened kind. Peppery, strong clam flavor. After trying the first three, it kinda feels too heavy. I think I am starting to prefer the lighter Rhode Island styles.

Veggies, instead of fries. Yeah, like we’re fooling anyone that we’re trying to be healthy with this meal. HA!

Rachel and I shared a fried seafood platter.

Fried Scrod. Crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside. Even a Briton would agree this is a proper Fish and Chips.

And a baked Macadamia encrusted Mahi Mahi special with pineapple sauce.

Here’s a closeup of another diner’s Fish and Chips.

And another diner’s Lobster Salad Sandwich. This is not a traditional New England lobster roll, but it looks fantastic nonetheless.

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5 Responses to New England Dining: Horton’s Seafood (UPDATED)

  1. zeynepankara says:

    Wow, I am starving now!

  2. […] Click here for original OTB post […]

  3. Sharon Hart says:

    My father, Jim McDonald loved Hortons and would travel from his home on Cape Cod to have lunch there, many times. I live in Vermont and when I’d go to the Cape to visit Dad he’d take me there for lunch. He loved the fried fish, I loved the clamcakes and chowder.
    Sadly, my Dad passed away in August of 2008. I hope to get back to Hortons someday, but it’d be very sad not to be sitting across the booth from my dear father.

  4. Heading to RI for the weekend and this will be the first time I won’t be able to enjoy my Horton’s fix! Sorry to hear they are temporarily closed. I hope temporarily closed! My best to the Horton’s family. East Providence government get it together and get them open again.

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