NJ Dining: Mikado 23

Mikado 23 Hibachi and Sushi Buffet
29 Weston Ct, Wayne, NJ 07470
(973) 339-9832

Web Site: http://mikado23usa.com

Mikado 23, Wayne NJ by you.

Mikado 23’s storefront in Wayne.

In the past, I’ve written about other Asian-style buffet restaurants in New Jersey, such as Minado, in Little Ferry. Recently a new Asian buffet and hibachi restaurant — the similarly named Mikado 23 — has opened in Wayne, near the Willowbrook Mall and the recently closed Wayne Town Center, which may or may not open in the future if the economy pulls out of its current recession.

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Mikado 23, Wayne NJ by you.

Like Minado, Mikado 23 features a very large selection of Sushi/Cold and hot items, all of which are of a surprisingly high quality. Mikado 23 is different from Minado in that the owners are Chinese/Vietnamese and Chinese/Indonesian and focus on the hot items is clearly of a Chinese/Indonesian bent rather than Korean. The restaurant also has a separate Hibachi area with griddle tables, but they are considered separate dining experiences and are paid for separately. We haven’t had a chance to try their Hibachi yet.

Mikado 23, Wayne NJ by you.

A glance down one of the sushi aisles on the large center island.

Mikado 23, Wayne NJ by you.

Sushi closeup.

Mikado 23, Wayne NJ by you.

My first plate. Here we’ve got a spicy tuna/pineapple poke salad, sushi rolls, seaweed salad, edamame salad, cooked Japanese spinach sesame salad, bacon wrapped scallops, salt and pepper fried shrimp, shrimp paste fried crab claws and Indonesian stir fried shrimp.

Mikado 23, Wayne NJ by you.

Mikado 23 appears to be a popular destination for birthday celebrations. If someone is having a birthday, the “Disco Ball” in the main dining room goes off and the staff all come over to sing you Happy Birthday. This appears to happen at least several times per hour.

Mikado 23 Collages by you.

A selection of various cold/sushi/seafood items.

Mikado 23 Collages by you.

Mikado 23 also has very good Dim Sum/Dumpling items.

Mikado 23 Collages by you.

More seafood including raw oyster/clams, cooked salmon filet, tempura vegetables and chicken, jumbo prawns with mayonnaise sauce, and tuna sashimi.

Mikado 23, Wayne NJ by you.

A view of some of the hot fish dishes.

Mikado 23, Wayne NJ by you.

Some of the meat dishes including beef short ribs and beef teriyaki.

Mikado 23, Wayne NJ by you.

Like Minado, Mikado 23 features a dessert bar with ornate-looking cakes and cookies.

Mikado 23, Wayne NJ by you.

This is a gelatinous dessert made from young coconut, I believe.

Mikado 23, Wayne NJ by you.

A view of the dessert bar.

5 Responses to NJ Dining: Mikado 23

  1. LordJezo says:

    Wow, this is right down the road from my in-law’s house and I had no idea it even existed. Now I can’t wait to go.

    What’s the price for dinner?

  2. Victor Sasson says:

    Yes, I’d be interested in knowing the price for lunch and dinner. Sushi looks fresh. Did you see any of it being made, Jason?

  3. sushimama says:

    LOVE Mikado. We were former Minado fans but Mikado blows them out of the water in terms of quantity, quality, and variation. We’ve had fresh oysters on the half-shell, sashimi, ma po tofu, fresh shrimp, and many, many different kinds of sushi, soup, tempura, and dim sum. Always freshly made, the sushi chefs are constantly busy replenishing the buffet.
    The price for lunch is $15.95 (I believe). So, so worth it. I hope this place stays in business.

  4. karen says:

    i know mikado 23 name for long time,and i ever saw the mikado”s website ,but today its my first time to see thorough,and i feel surprise with the decoration and miscellany meal.
    i hope someday i can visit there as a guest .

    cheers !!

  5. Carmela says:

    My first time there tonight I loved it. Lots of variety dishes, beautiful decor and excellent food. I’m definitely going back.

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