Tune into Daisy for a new season on July 11th

Okay everyone, It’s promotion time. My friend and local Brooklyn  girl Daisy Martinez has a nuevo season starting THIS SATURDAY, at 9:30am on Food Network. Don’t wanna get up that early? Set the Tivo!


Season Two Premieres: Saturday, July 11th at 9:30am ET/PT

This summer, Viva Daisy!, the newest addition to Food Network’s “In the Kitchen” line-up, returns for a second seasons. Popular TV personality Daisy Martinez shares her secrets for quick, simple Latin cuisine in Viva Daisy! premiering Saturday, July 11th at 9:30am.

In Viva Daisy!, viewers come home with Daisy Martinez and learn tips and tricks for creating quick, simple, mouth-watering meals inspired by her love of Latin cuisines. Daisy dishes for friends and family with recipes like savory Barbecued Short Ribs of Beef perfect for a “Family Night,” Avocado Stuffed with Crab-Mango Salad for a refreshing “Ladies Brunch,” and creamy, corn-filled Humitas (Empanadas) with Cilantro Pesto for “TV Night.”

For more information, videos, and recipes, visit:

www.foodnetwork.com/daisy and www.daisymartinez.com

(and this wasn’t part of the official promo, but you should check out boriquablog.com too.)

4 Responses to Tune into Daisy for a new season on July 11th

  1. Celebritylife.org trackingback – Tune into Daisy for a new season on July 11th…

    Celebritylife.org trackingback – Tune into Daisy for a new season on July 11th…

  2. I loved her first series Daisy Cooks. Bought that cookbook and have done many things from it. I personally it was better than this series but I watch as it much better than most stuff on Food Network

    • Shakera says:

      I was so happy to see her back on TV. She down to earth and no frills. One of the best. I would love to get the plans for her kitchen and eating area. If u know where I can get them, please let me know.

  3. sissy says:

    daisy is wonderful, hopefully she will become a regular on food network………….. daisy is a breath of fresh air after so many repeats of the same hosts several times a day, a little much of them, its turn off tv and cook a daisy receipe, or find something else to watch………… daisy and her receipes are easy to follow and she explains well. again, daisy you are wonderful, and food network should bring you back permanant, we look forward to sat morning for viva daisy.. thank you for your receipes

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