Optimum Offline

suburbanbroadband by you.

As I explained in a previous article last summer about my broadband situation, my employer, like many large technology services companies, has elected to classify my work situation as “Home-Based”, in that when I am not at a customer site, I’m working from home. So for connectivity to corporate email, our Intranet and Instant Messaging system, my link to the mother ship is entirely dependent on the reliability of my connectivity through Optimum Online, Cablevision’s cable broadband service.

Click to read the rest of this article at ZDNet Tech Broiler.

2 Responses to Optimum Offline

  1. Fred Knows says:


    Don’t feed the The Cable Pig anymore!

    If you have Verizon FIOS available in Tenafly, you will find a switch to FIOS results in 100% uptime as opposed to Cablevision’s constantly annoying downtime and need for modem reboots.

    I have The Cable Pig at my office (no choice at the moment) and Verizon FIOS at work, the difference is night and day.

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