Go Foie Yourself

The Making of the "Foie You" by you.

The “Foie You”, a croissant sandwich prepared especially for our friends at Farm Sanctuary. The “Foie You” can be purchased for $24.00 at Picnic Caterers in Emerson, NJ. This is a limited time offer and you must order the sandwich by noon Thursday the 23 st of April for pick-up on Friday  the 24th. All profits from the sales of the  sandwich will be donated to the Center for Food Action. The sandwich will be offered weekly via special order until demand subsides.

Like other industries, the restaurant and food business is no stranger to being targeted by extremist groups which have some bizarre notion that the animals which are being used for foodstuffs and other products  have the right to be treated like human beings. Typically, however, these organizations, such as PETA, are more likely to spend their energies on large food distribution and manufacturing entities, and not on individual restaurants and small businesses. However, this is not always the case.

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Recently, a friend of mine, Christine Nunn, who owns Picnic Caterers in Emerson, NJ, received a threatening letter from Farm Sanctuary,  an special interest group which has a focus on protecting the rights of animals in our food supply. Christine received the letter no doubt due to her use of Foie Gras in one of her dishes at the Ultimate Chef Bergen County Finals. It should be noted that due to the fact that since Foie Gras is such an incredibly expensive ingredient, she only finds use for about two lobes total per year for special events and customers that specifically request it, so she shouldn’t be considered a mass consumer of Foie Gras by any stretch of the imagination.

It should be also be noted that Christine only uses Hudson Valley Foie Gras, which is not raised in “intensively confined” environments that foreign Foie Gras producers use and is one of the elements of Farm Sanctuary’s complaints. As to whether the gavage feeding methods to fatten the ducks are “inhumane”, no conclusive scientific evidence has been found to date to support that the ducks being raised for Foie Gras actually feel any discomfort from the process, as they don’t eat in the same way human beings or other animals do and thus may lack a gag reflex.

While Christine and I both believe that our food animals should be treated humanely, it should be a personal choice for chefs and restaurateurs to serve whatever ingredients they want to their customers, not via agendas that are forced down OUR  collective throats by special interest groups.

So for Farm Sanctuary, Christine has issued this response. Not to be bullied, we also decided that perhaps it was apropos to create a dish that was representative of our views on this matter.


The Making of the "Foie You" by you.

The “Foie You” Mise en Place: Croissants, Hudson Valley Foie Gras, Terrine de Foie Gras and Smoked Duck Breast. All the animal proteins were generously supplied to us courtesy of Ariane Daguin at D’Artagnan.

The Making of the "Foie You" by you.

Blackberries are cooked in sugar with some added balsamic vinegar.

The Making of the "Foie You" by you.

Christine cooking the blackberry jam.

The Making of the "Foie You" by you.

The blackberries are then strained of the seeds and put back into the saucepan.

The Making of the "Foie You" by you.

Some chopped green apple is added to the blackberries to release pectin which will help gel the blackberries into a jam for the sandwich.

The Making of the "Foie You" by you.

Our lobe of Hudson Valley Foie Gras.

The Making of the "Foie You" by you.

Which Christine slices up carefully.

The Making of the "Foie You" by you.

D’Artagnan Smoked Magret Duck Breast, which forms the other major protein component of the sandwich. Smoked Duck Breast is ready to eat.

The Making of the "Foie You" by you.

The duck breast is sliced and the Foie Gras slices are seasoned with salt and pepper.

The Making of the "Foie You" by you.

A slice of Foie Gras is quickly seared in a Saute Pan.

The Making of the "Foie You" by you.

D’Artagnan Terrine de Foie Gras is spread onto the bottom layer of a croissant.

The Making of the "Foie You" by you.

Next, thin slices of pear, cut with a mandoline.

The Making of the "Foie You" by you.

Next, slices of smoked duck breast.

The Making of the "Foie You" by you.

And then the Seared Foie Gras.

The Making of the "Foie You" by you.

With some of the fresh Blackberry Jam on top.

The Making of the "Foie You" by you.

The finished sandwich, the “Foie You”.

The Making of the "Foie You" by you.

Foie You cross section.

The Making of the "Foie You" by you.

Rachel about to take her first bite of the Foie You.

Picnic will be selling limited amounts of the Foie You next week for $24.00 each. To order a sandwich for Thursday pickup, please call (201) 262-5505. You must have your orders in by Tuesday. All profits from the sales of the  sandwich will be donated to the Center for Food Action.

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11 Responses to Go Foie Yourself

  1. Jeanne Baratta says:

    Bravo Christine!

  2. paulius says:

    this looks incredibly delicious. wow <-8

  3. john says:

    Awesome blog post and im glad people respond to the animal rights extremists (nutjobs). The deranged notion that animals are the same as people (or better than people) is absurd. This sandwich looks amazing too!

  4. d says:

    awesome! i used to sneak little crumbles of foie torchon, huckleberry jam & brioche when when i worked garde manger station at a french restaurant. bites of heaven!
    also, i developed a croissant recipe replacing butter with foie.

  5. sk says:

    Bravo! It’s too bad I am not in NJ or I would certainly have to partake in one of these delectably pithy “responses”. Unfortunately, there is no reasoning with these kinds of people, for they are interested in only hearing their own opinions repeated ad nauseum. Ah well, more for us I say.

  6. dee says:

    Good for you Christine! Idiot people, bullying small, independent, community-minded businesses. We support YOU!

  7. Alex says:

    PETA: The opposite of MENSA!

  8. AG says:

    That looks amazing, and I love the fundraiser idea. Were I connected to the restaurant community here in Seattle, I’d be suggesting the idea to folks for shameless-theft purposes; as it is, a girl can dream. (And support her local foie gras-serving restaurants, which are regularly pestered by our own local wackadoos.)

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  10. angelle says:

    this sounds like the best thing in the whole entire world.

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