NYC Dining: Abbondanza on Arthur Avenue (UPDATED!)

With today being Good Friday, I thought I would bring back one of my favorite posts, that being a pictorial tour of Arthur Avenue. The Belmont section of the Bronx comes alive during the Easter season, and you can still get your fill of Easter Pies and other great Italian-American foods there this weekend. Check it out on Saturday!

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— Jason

The Belmont section of the Bronx is by far one of my favorite eating and food shopping destinations — as I tell many people, if you’re looking for the real Little Italy, it’s not in Manhattan, but on Arthur Avenue between 184th and 187th street. It’s a neighborhood frozen in time, where you can get imported delicacies from the old country as well as fantastic Italian-American eats which prominently feature them.

The very core of Belmont’s Italian shopping are the stores within and surrounding the Arthur Avenue Retail Market, where Mike’s Deli, Pete’s Meat, and a number of green grocers are located.


Dave Grecco, the presiding capitan of Mike’s Deli.

And his dad, the legendary Mike Grecco, salumi purveyor to the rich, famous, the everyman, and everybody in-between.


If you catch Dave in the middle of the day, he might be doing his stretching exercises (2004).


Il Duce guards the cache of tuna cans.


You need salamis?

Arthur Avenue is the REAL Little Italy of New York City. Click on the “Read the rest of this entry” link below for some more mouth-watering Italian-American delicacies.


Or perhaps some sorpressata. Sweet or Spicy.

Prosciutto Di Parma perhaps.

or Cappicola and Mortadella?

Pizza Rustica, or San Felese Easter Pie, is a hugely popular item to take home from Mike’s, particularly during the Easter holidays. You can get it year round, though.

What I come for, however, are the sandwiches.


One of the several sandwiches on display at Mike’s.



It’s really hard to pick what sandwich you want, they all look mouth-watering.


The Yankee Stadium (2004) the signature sandwich of Mike’s Deli.


The “Albanian” (2004) Bresaola (Cured Filet Mignon) with Feta Cheese.


TC Fireman’s Special (2004) Sort of like the Yankee Stadium, but with hotter and spicier components.


Pasta Salad with an Eggplant Antipasto.


My lunch, Roast Pork with Hot Peppers.


A tuna sandwich Dave made up for my wife, with smoked mozzarella.

Another interesting tuna variation, with pesto pasta salad.


Or perhaps some antipasto salad suits your fancy.

A nice antipasto arrangement from Mike’s.

Just a small sampling of the fresh olives on display. The bright green ones, the Castelvetranos, which taste just like olive oil, are my favorites.


A close-up of one of the more interesting varieties.



Some nice fruit here at one of the vendors in the Retail Market.


Hot stuff.




The lovable crazy vegetable guy. I haven’t seen him in a while, but if you see him, be very afraid, as he likes to sing along with Lionel Ritchie songs on his radio.


This is what the Retail Market looks like on Good Friday.






This is the cigar shop in the Retail Market, where master rollers make many kinds of Cuban-style cigars from high grade tobacco. You can even smoke in there, believe it or not, it’s grandfathered with some kind of special permit.


You think the cigars are stinky? Try the salt-packed anchovies.


Torrone. Guaranteed to put a dent in your dental plan.


Pete’s Meat, also in the Retail Market, is where you get your bracciole.


And da sausage.


And entire peices of tasty animals.


And your crown roasts.


Or Pork Chops?


You dunno what you want? Pietro will put out a spread.

The guys at Pete’s love to pose.


Want some Mutton? Biancardis, just next door to the Retail Market, has those too.


They also can hook you up with some swine.


Addeo Bakery has some really good bread. Madonia’s, just down the block, is where I get my cannolis.

A view of the counter at Madonia.

Pan loaves at Madonia.

Cheese tastings during Good Friday.

Cosenza’s on Arthur Avenue will make you a nice plate of clams.

And you can get any kind of shellfish you need at Randazzo’s.

You want some nice fresh mussels for your marinara? No problem.

Make sure you head down 187th street to Borgatti’s for some nice fresh pasta to put it on.

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35 Responses to NYC Dining: Abbondanza on Arthur Avenue (UPDATED!)

  1. Thanks for these beautiful pictures. My Doctor says : “Give up this ridiculous diet you are pursueing”.

  2. Danno says:

    Holy Moses, can’t believe I haven’t found this Mecca in all of my trips to New York. Those sandwiches are unbelievable! Not unbelievable for New York though, you can always find the best in New York.

  3. […] The North End of Boston is the oldest neighborhood in the city. much like the Belmont section of the Bronx (Arthur Avenue), it is home to a vibrant Italian-American community, although it centers more on restaurants than on shops and markets. Nevertheless, its an excellent part of town for going out to eat and walking off the calories afterwards. […]

  4. Duane says:

    Excellent photos and captions. I have been shopping along Arthur Ave. for the past few years. I love. Recently, I took a culinary walking tour of the area and its delights. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about such a great community.

  5. […] I enjoy living in the New Jersey suburbs, but I envy Manhattan and NYC residents for their easy access to top specialty meat purveyors, such as Lobels, Dean and Deluca, Citarella and Pete’s Meat (in the Arthur Avenue Retail Market). I thought we Jersey residents were seriously deficient in that department until my recent first time visit to Kocher’s Meats in Ridgefield, a long-established quality meats purveyor. […]

  6. […] I have been to Arthur Avenue many times in the past (click for previous entry) but today I had a specific mission — to get fresh pasta and grab some lunch. I brought along one of my buddies, Jon Lurie, to act as my entourage and because I felt he needed to get out of the house. […]

  7. […] you’re heading into Belmont to do some shopping on Arthur Avenue, make sure you take a pit stop on the way home. Known only as “Dominican Fruit Guy”, […]

  8. Daniele Medri says:

    :D Nice to see that Italians all over the world. Nice to see that food is one key to link other cultures.

  9. nogoodadddy says:

    People say to us “Wow…North Carolina seems great. Do you miss anything about NJ?” When they ask that question, a tear forms in my eye as I think about that market. I only went once, but how I remember it. I only went there once, but we had the greatest Christmas Eve dinner once with the spoils of a trip there. I have no idea how we’ll fit in a trip up there on our jaunt to NJ next month. It’s seemingly impossible.

  10. Redneck says:

    What country are those photographs from?

    Oh, and I sent your movie today (just got the final copy), when you receive it, you can pack some of those fabulous sausages back into the same box and send them. Deal?

  11. They’re from the magical land of sausages. :)

    I shall send you some…

  12. […] this post from Off the Broiler. It nearly made JewelrySlut cry. Hell, I’ll admit that I wept over it. Wanna know what we […]

  13. […] Arthur Avenue, I have my usual destinations — The Arthur Avenue Retail Market, Madonia Bakery, Borgatti’s fresh pasta, […]

  14. oh arthur avenue. my favorite place in the world. i grew up on the food from there. even my grandmother used to shop there. i recently got my manhattan friends hooked. we take trips up to dominick’s just to savor their incredible mussels. and terranova bread is still the best in the whole country. can’t wait to get back!!

  15. […] I want Italian deli and gourmet items, my first instinct is to head right to the Bronx for the Arthur Avenue Retail Market. However, I’m not always in the mood to head over the GW and into a potential Cross-Bronx […]

  16. Donna Lorenzo says:

    You’re site is a true treat! I’ve heard of the Littel Italy section in the Bronx for years and I’ve always wanted to visit. This Sunday, August 5, 2007 I will set out to discover this gem of a community!!! Thanks for your site.

  17. ralph sims says:

    born and bred in the bronx
    i broke the screen trying to get my fork thru it!
    i am marrying a nice italina girl
    susana maurillo from syracuse instead!

  18. CATHY says:

    born and raised on arthur avenue i grew up with the wonderful aroma that filled the neighborhood. addeo bread is the best i’ve ever tasted..borgati’s ravioli “the best”.. i recently dined at “antonio’s” off of hughes ave and i must say the brick oven pizza was outrageous and the best i’ve had since they closed the “capri pizzeria”in the 70’s, their pasta is fresh as well as their tomato sauce, absolutly delicious, and the servie was FANTASTIC….that will be my new hang out for a long time.

  19. […] it would be completely at home in Boston’s North End, Manhattan’s Little Italy or on Arthur Avenue in the Belmont section of the Bronx. But it’s not — its on one of the busiest streets […]

  20. legal bud says:

    Branches Cloaked in Delicate Buds Hi Everyone: We spent a delightful Friday afternoon down by the banks of the river. First, we studied decomposers. Lots of creatures could be found under logs! Then, we did our observations, and finally, we hosted our First Grade Buddys. Spring had certainly sprung— green has replaced the many hues of brown. Changes are taking place quicker and quicker. Hope you all had a great vacation! Love, Coach T. Date: Friday, April 18 th Water Temperature: 60ºF Air Temperature: 74ºF…

  21. […] minutes driving time and eight miles from Midtown Manhattan, and I can get to a Yankees game or the Belmont section of the Bronx, my favorite NYC Italian dining destination in about 20-25 minutes if there isn’t any […]

  22. […] with us, and made a request to visit Arthur Avenue in the Belmont section of the Bronx. I’ve waxed rhapsodical on Arthur Avenue on this blog a number of times. For those in the know, the “Real” Little Italy is in […]

  23. Louis says:

    Arthur Avenue is the best and has the best shops and restaurants in NYC. My favorite places are Mike’s Deli and the best Arthur Avenue Restaurant is Ann & Tony’s. Can’t wait to get back to both of them.

  24. […] many years now, and its become part of our Arthur Avenue “routine” — Shop at the Retail Market for specialty items, hit Teitel Brothers for bulk goods, go buy bread (and cannoli) at Madonia, […]

  25. […] to get the best pasta, pizza, Italian sorbet, tiramisu and expresso in the Bronx? Little Italy on Arthur Avenue, of course! My first stop this afternoon was the wonderful Uberto’s Clam House, where I dived […]

  26. Greatest City in the world has the Greatest little Italy possible. My men and myself pass Arthur Ave. daily just for the bread at Addeo Bakery. No other bread compares. Addeo bakery at both locations, Hughs and Arthur ave. give Arthur ave. a true sense of quality products home made with no commercial taste.

  27. Merchant List for Arthur Avenue Merchants.

    Espresso Machine and Italian Espresso Beans

  28. God I miss this place, I haven’t been back since my Nonno past away, Great job capturing the “Not So Everyday” side of homestyle Italian cuisine!


  29. As a Canadian, would I be considered an ‘illegal alien’? cause i am moving in with the Greco’s!!!

  30. vanderleun says:

    Now that post is a masterpiece!

  31. Danny Russo says:

    It was a joy to see all the retailers on that Famous block, such as Cosenza Brothers, Mario’s Ristorante, Addaeos Bakery, Dominic’s,
    Biancardi’s meats, Mike’s Deli, Tietel Bros, but you left out “Pasqual’s Rigoletto ” a fine restaurant.
    I always love to make that trip.

  32. […] A January Jaunt on Arthur Avenue My brother, Brandon, who lives in Los Angeles, decided to pay us a visit for a few days. One of his first requests was “I wanna go back to the Bronx and buy salamis and eat Italian food, because I can’t get that kind of stuff in California.” Yeah, twist my arm. Like THAT’s a tough request to accommodate. Any request to go to Arthur Avenue by ANYONE is immediately granted, because it’s one of my favorite places on earth. […]

  33. Maggie says:

    I know the “lovable crazy vegetable guy”.. his name is Carmine, and he works at the cigar store, not the produce store (Boiano Foods)

  34. Carmine's Nephew says:

    Mamamia How I miss New York because of this, everything looks so fresh, I can smell the cheese from here….. LOL …..
    and that cheese sausage rolled up, makes me want just get in the car and drive 35 hours till I get there.

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