Dim Sum RAP!


Ok, admit it, it’s catchy.

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3 Responses to Dim Sum RAP!

  1. NancyH says:

    Thanks for posting this Jason – not only is it a hoot – but I’m headed out for Dim Sum in about 2 hours! Perfect timing.

  2. Chetamorton says:

    Jason – Dude it’s worth hitting your site just for a gem like this! Cherce piece. (Although gotta note: I headed here to check out your Chengdu 1 update to scour it for something new to order (for my gajillionth order from them) and found your slide show. Mm mm fine, but (and no, I don’t wanna order no butt) most of your gorgeous slides got no text! I just tried to order the “gorgeous dish with chicken, shrimp, jalapeno-chili-ish things with scallions” (my best descriptor to them) and no go. May I respectfully beg for CAPTIONS of WHAT the dishes pictured are! (You could make it the file name) You really CAN’T tell the players without no scorecard!

    Thanks Alley

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