Someone is stealing my food!

stealingmyfood by you.

This video (click on photo to view) produced by the law firm of Cowan, Liebowitz & Latman is a must-view introduction to Intellectual Property and how it should be used, respected, and defended in the Food and Restaurant industry. If you’re a restaurateur, food writer or food blogger this is something you definitely need to watch.

Back in November of last year, I was invited by food writer and former NY Times dining critic Mimi Sheraton to a special seminar for food  industry and and writing professionals at the Harvard Club in New York City, which was entitled “Someone is Stealing My Food!”. It was a two-hour presentation on understanding Intellectual Property, a subject that many food bloggers and food writers and even businesspeople are ignorant of.

Most of the people who attended that event however were industry insiders, so in many respects it was very much preaching to the choir. However, I suggested to Mimi and the attorneys over at CLL that perhaps they should create a short, half hour “condensed” version of their seminar in Internet video form so that businesses and writers all over the country could benefit from their expertise. The video above is the fruit of their efforts.

The video stars Mimi and the cast of attorneys at CLL. Yeah, not exactly YouTube viral video material, but I suggest you watch it nonetheless. It could keep you out of a lawsuit, which nobody wants to be in these days.

If you write about food professionally or as an ameteur food blogger, or if you are connected to the food industry in any way, please watch the video above.

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