Food Network, the poodle kicks your ass.

So, you thought the original Iron Chef was weird and unique?

I introduce you to “COOKING WITH DOG“. The first cooking show HOSTED by a dog.  A miniature poodle, in fact. Totally legit Japanese traditional recipes, with excellent step-by-step instruction.

I keep telling people my miniature poodles are exceptionally bright, but this guy…

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One Response to Food Network, the poodle kicks your ass.

  1. 365pwords says:

    That was fun! I’m tempted to try this – using tofu instead of the pork chop.
    My standard poodle could watch, but she thinks tofu is wimpy…

    (We had a minature poodle when I was a kid, bu they’re darned hard to find these days. Hate the little yappers which give poodles a bad name.)

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