NYC Dining: Myers of Keswick

Myers of Keswick
634 Hudson Street, Greenwich Village, New York

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Greenwich Village, particularly the West Village, is one of my favorite parts of the city. Filled with odd curio shops and specialty stores, it’s a fun place to shop when you need to buy something as a gift for a friend with very discerning tastes. One of the places I encountered recently that I think epitomizes sort of the “Wow, I didn’t know they had a place like this in New York”  feeling of the West Village is Myers of Keswick, which is a British-stlye butcher shop and grocery store that looks like it got ripped out of the middle of central London.

Myers of Keswick, West Village, NYC by you.

Myers of Keswick Storefront, at 634 Hudson Street.

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Myers of Keswick, West Village, NYC by you.

As if there was any doubt this place was truly British, observe the flag.

Myers of Keswick, West Village, NYC by you.

If you’re looking for any kind of specialized grocery product of British origin, be it snacks, soft drinks, biscuits, jellies, teas, canned goods,  chances are that Myers of Keswick has it.

Myers of Keswick, West Village, NYC by you.

This is a very dangerous place for me to be walking around in. In the back of the store you can see that Myers has a very large selection of British Teas — high end stuff as well as the working class “Builders Tea” brands that are difficult to find in the United States. Myers even had several brands of tea that I was unable to find in London at the local Sainsbury’s stores, when I was there in March of 2007.

Myers of Keswick, West Village, NYC by you.

Myers is also known for their fresh-made sausages, which are an essential part of an English Breakfast. They also sell Cumberland Sausages, which are more of a country sausage used for a main meal.

Myers of Keswick, West Village, NYC by you.

Here’s where you get into really big trouble if you are on a diet — Cornish Pasties and Pies.  My willpower completely broke down here — I had a small pork with stilton cheese pie. It was… orgasmic. I usually don’t associate “British” with “Orgasm” but that’s about the only words I can come up with.

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4 Responses to NYC Dining: Myers of Keswick

  1. MJP says:

    Don’t forget Marmite, the inspiration for Vegemite, and another reason to be glad that we shook off British rule during the Revolution – we could be eating that!

  2. Roy Feigenbaum says:

    Do they have a microwave? That is, can what I buy be heated and eaten there?

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  4. NJChris says:

    (Belated answer for Roy and anyone else who may stumble across this):

    British meat pies are traditionally eaten cold, so you could eat those.

    Myers’ Cumberland sausages are the real deal. They’re the only Cumberland sausages I’ve found in the US that taste like what I buy from local butchers whenever I vacation in Northwest England’s lake district – highly recommended.

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