Viva Daisy! (Updated, with video)

daisy by you.

Daisy Martinez, star of “Viva Daisy!” which premieres Saturday, January 10, 9:30am on Food Network. Click on the Picture above to watch the promotional video (Source: Food Network)

Web Site:

I’ve been keeping this news under wraps for longer than I can remember, and now I’m finally relieved I can tell everyone about it — my friend Daisy Martinez is going to become the star of her own show on Food Network — which will be produced by no other than Food Network’s #1, Rachael Ray herself.

I first got to know Daisy in the spring of 2006, after approaching her to do a podcast for Off The Broiler.  I was a big fan of her PBS show, which featured an intelligent, educating,  full-spectrum view of Pan-Latino cuisine, and found her bubbly and Brooklyn girl personality intoxicating.

Daisy only did one season of Daisy Cooks! on PBS, but I  knew some day she would be a huge star, so I started consulting for her and helped  her launch her own website,, as well as her personal blog, Boriqua Blog. I hope you head over there and see what we’ve accomplished over the last two years — It’s a goldmine for anyone who wants to cook bold, Latin flavors, or who wants to know the real Daisy behind the camera.

I’m privileged to be one of the few who will be able to say “I knew her when.”

Good Luck, Daisy — and break a leg!

11 Responses to Viva Daisy! (Updated, with video)

  1. Oh, this is so exciting! I was a huge fan of her PBS show as well, and have made countless meals from her companion cookbook. Thanks for spreading the word; I’ll set my Tivo tonight.

  2. Rod says:

    Daisy is a phenom , muey caliente . I am also a huge fan . She has helped introduce simple yet delicious latin food to a ready audience. The Julia Child of Latin cuisine. She is a Latina who has rocked my world ! Love her.

  3. Sabrina Thorn says:

    So glad to hear the news. I was a big fan and hated when she went off the air at PBS. I wrote them a letter then found her websight Gongratulations Daisey!! Can’t wait for Saturday to see your show.

  4. I am sooo excited about Daisy being on the Food Network! Wow!! I am a huge fan, she makes me laugh. She really makes you feel like your a part of her family.

  5. M. J. Aguilar says:

    Omigod, Daisy!!!! You are back where you belong!!!! Congratulations!!! I was on one of the segments for your show “Cooking with Daisy” partly shot from your visit to El Museo del Barrio in 2003-2004. I cannot tell you how many of my friends see that episode of the show which airs now and then. Just wanted to send my best wishes!!! Felicidades and I’ll be watching in the new year!
    Margarita Aguilar

  6. Macy says:

    I am so excited for this show!!!! I wish Daisy so much luck! And I love the fact that it will be produced by Rachael Ray!! Rachael is brilliant in front of the camera and I know she will be brilliant behind the camera too! YAY Rachael – be amazing for Daisy!

  7. Diane Elderbrook says:

    I loved Daisy on PBS and really missed her.I am so happy she will be on Food Network.She is the real deal and we are so lucky to be able to tune her in.Way to go Daisy!!!

  8. Macy says:

    So how did everyone like the show…? I loved it- I thought Daisy was fun but not over the top – I found myself grinning from ear to ear when watching her! Great Job Daisy! And for me a fan of Rachael Ray – I was equally as excited to see an Executive Producer Credit for Rachael! YAY Rach! Just another manifest of greatness for you Rachael Ray!

  9. zara says:

    I love Daisy but I really do not like the way it’s filmed, a new director is needed.

  10. CECILIA says:

    I have missed you on PBS but I am glad that now i could watch your show on Food Network.

  11. marie says:

    Daisey, I saw a show where you were preparing fish for the girls and served it on an oval (blue circle) platter that I fell in love with. I love your show and your recipies and now I love your taste in plates, platters. Can you PLEASE tell me where I can buy this oval blue fish platter with the circle design.
    thank you, Marie

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