The Holiday Light Police

holidaylightpolice by you.

It’s that wonderful time of year again. Got any serious violations you’d like to show us? Send your jpeg files to jperlow AT — Jason

Having been brought up Jewish, Rachel and I never had the opportunity to actually decorate our homes with holiday lights. That being said, we appreciate a nice display, and have come to think of ourselves as connoisseurs and critics of the very best (and worst) in holiday light entertainment. Over the years, we’ve developed a set of guidelines for holiday lights. This year, we decided to codify them and to distribute citations (click to download PDF file, if you’d like to issue them too!) to local residences for exceptionally good (and

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5 Responses to The Holiday Light Police

  1. Melissa says:

    If I hadn’t seen this with my own eyes, I would not have believed it … applying your keen-eyed critiquing skills to something other than a restaurant meal … congratulations!

    You omitted one of my favorite comments on Christmas lighting:
    UNGEPOTCHKET: Messed up, slapped together without form, excessively and unesthetically decorated.
    (example: Oy, that shiksa went and made her nice house all UNGEPOTCHKET .. “Meh keyn brechen!” means “You can vomit from this!” ..)

    Dayenu, you get the drift …

  2. timmy says:

    I knew Jewish people drove around on Christmas and made fun of our lights I KNEW IT.

  3. paula says:

    oh my gosh!!! other people do this too! my best friend and i drive around every christmas to look at (and rate!) the lights… extra points if we see a family opening presents around the tree. (we totally get christmas envy.) and we’ve seriously considered dropping off a form with our rating on it for the family. i love it!!

    oh! and one year, we performed a christmas miracle. one of those lights inside a paper bag had fallen over, and we pulled over the car and stomped out the fire before it spread. it was a true mitzvah.

  4. cathy says:

    The best example of “Mixed Iconography” I’ve ever seen was near my neighborhood this year. Two large, glowing plastic wise men framing a huge orange mini-light covered pumpkin carriage ala Cinderella. We are still pondering where one actually finds a pumpkin carriage in the first place… The Church of Disney perhaps?

  5. zmanowner says:

    AHAHAHAHH great post….I have a neighbor downstreet that has definetely violated the Xmas light rule…Zman sends

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