Times Square: Naked Cowboys and Charmin Bathrooms

Times Square, NYC, Nov 29 2008 by you.

Times Square, New York City.

After finishing up at the MoMA, Rachel and I headed over to Times Square to get tickets for a Broadway show at TKTS. For those of you are aren’t from NYC, that’s where you can get on line to purchase leftover seats for all the famous musicals and shows for half the price. The only thing is you can’t have your heart set on one particular show, you have to chose from whatever is available. However, because of the economy, a LOT of shows are usually available, and I got to see what I wanted, Spamalot.

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Unfortunately, Times Square can be a difficult place to be if you have to take a nature break, particularly during the height of the holiday season. Since 2006, Charmin has teamed up with Duracell Batteries to create the Charmin Bathrooms and Duracell Power Lodge, a rather unusual holiday attraction — an interactive public bathroom and rest area experience. The Naked Cowboy in his video above sums this up pretty nicely.

Charmin Bathroom in Times Square by you.

As you can see, Charmin has turned the most basic bodily function into a theme-park ride. They’ve got dancers, loud Charmin teeny bopper theme music (CHARRRRRMIN, WHERE THE GOING IS ALWAYS GOOD!) with poopy-dance anxious cartoon bears on TV screens, and a rest area and gift shop. Upstairs they have a Duracell “Power Lodge” where you can recharge your portable devices and hang out in front of an electronic fireplace and buy various Duracell products.

Charmin Bathroom in Times Square by you.

There are approximately 20 stalls, all of which are cleaned immediately after each use.

Charmin Bathroom in Times Square by you.

Apparently, I was lucky enough to get the disco-themed Joey Fatone-designed bathroom stall. Click the photo above to see a video tour.

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