The Mitsuwa Tuna Cut

Bill Pitcher’s post on the upcoming Mitsuwa Tuna Cut in early November prompted me to put this 2006 OTB post back into the foreground. Don’t miss this great event on Saturday, November 8 and Sunday, November 9. — Jason

Mitsuwa Marketplace
595 River Rd, Edgewater, NJ
(201) 941-9113

web site:

In a previous post, I spoke a bit about Mitsuwa Marketplace, a Japanese shopping center in Edgewater, New Jersey. This weekend was the re-Grand Opening of the shopping center since it underwent an extensive reservation in Mid-2006, and some new stores and restaurants were added. Among the things that were going on was a Tuna Cut, where an entire 400lb Bluefin tuna, caught by a Japanese fishing boat, is reduced to sashimi for a huge crowd of onlookers.

Click on the “Read the rest of this entry” link below for some serious Bluefin Tuna devastation.

This gentleman is explaining in English how the Bluefin tuna is caught in the wild and what it’s diet is like.

This particular Bluefin weighs over 400lbs.

A team of fishmongers and sushi chefs separate the huge fish into different cuts for sale at the event and in the supermarket.

Kimura, one of Mitsuwa’s sushi chefs, prepares Toro and Chutoro sushi for sale from the incredibly fresh Bluefin.

Here is the Bluefin’s head on display.

The pre-prepared sushi area in the supermarket.

This gentleman is preparing miso soup for tasting.

The produce area.

St. Honore is a Japanese-style bakery on premises.

Sake is on sale!

As is Strawberry Pocky.

The boxes that these various snack products come in are so cool.

14 Responses to The Mitsuwa Tuna Cut

  1. MJP says:

    I was at the first one on Saturday with my girlfriend and her sister. Since their height maxes out at 5’4″ we just skipped the cut and had some of the sushi as well as ramen, soba, etc. It was good stuff as always.

    You should check them out when they have sashimi in tasting sizes for sale. It’s like $2.50 for a couple of pieces of chu-toro and other good stuff. It’s possible to stuff oneself on straight sashimi for $20. XD

  2. dumneazu says:

    I live in Budapest, but went to High School in Bergen county, and my Tokyo born better half loves Mitsuwa. She’s off to Tokyo in a week, and I’ll be visiting my old Jersey stomping grounds for a couple of months. This post had me kvelling for Mitsuwa’s semi-dried smelly little oily fish, ripe squid pickles, and that $6.99 sake which is all I drink when I am back in the US. For me, Off the Broiler is all about the nostalgic gastro-memories of my lost homeland.

  3. Wow! I can’t believe I’ve never heard of this place. Thanks for the photos and the head’s up about the Port Authority bus service, I certainly need to check this out. Do they package meat with little flowers like they do in Japan? That was one thing I loved about the grocery stores in Tokyo–they look like ours but the presentation and packaging has that little something extra.

  4. Trip Bakun says:

    Cool pictures! I wish that the Mitsuwa in San Jose would remodel the store so we could have a neato Tuna cutting festival.

    Completely random comment – is it me or did one of the people in your photos look like Megan McCormick from the Globe Trekker TV show?

  5. Bob Fina says:

    I can’t believe that I missed that!! I was there at the begining of September and I was surprised at the changes/renovations that were made. All of which were for the better. Okay, almost of the better. I don’t think the Taiyaki place makes Okonomiyakis anymore. = (

    Luckily I have pictures of the plaza from two years ago. I will have to go up again and get some new photos so that I can do a comparison. I really wish I would have seen the Tuna butchering.

    Thanks for the information and the photos!

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  7. […] you can also find actual, unprocessed Wasabi rhizome at certain Japanese supermarkets, such as Mitsuwa Marketplace in NJ… however it is EXTERMELY expensive, like 40 bucks more for a few ounces of rhizome, and […]

  8. Robert says:

    blue fin are being over fished and depleted. At a minimum your posting should have pointed this out so consumers can be better informed.

    thank you.

  9. kattie kat says:

    I had the same thought as Trip Bakun.

    That lady does look like Megan McCormick!

  10. slpernie says:

    i cant believe i missed this and yes she does look like the megan mccormick. mitsuwa is def one of the pluses to living in northern jersey. i remember when this place used to be yagwon back in the 90’s..

  11. MJP says:

    The performances start at 12:00 and 3:00. Come early if you’re going to attend the 12:00 – get a good spot at 11:30 and don’t move!

  12. d says:

    Any word on the prices of the fresh cut pieces/blocks of tuna?

  13. joanne r. says:

    My son and I went to the noon tuna cut-
    The place was packed-
    We enjoyed the viewing the tuna cut as well as tasting the tuna and other goodies-

  14. Ryan says:

    Is it just me or do Japanese markets really know how to do seafood!!

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