Diet Dunkin’

Dunkin Donuts DDSMart Low-Cal Breakfast Sandwiches by you.

So here’s the scenario. Sunday morning, 8AM. The power goes out, and we’re hungry.

What do you do?

Do you…

A) Open up the fridge, pull out your Egg Beaters, veggies, and let out out all the cold, and make yourself breakfast (assuming you have a gas range that you can light with a match, which we do)

B) Say to your wife “@!$% this stupid diet. I want a @!$%ing double fried egg with sausage patty, cheese and bagel sandwich with extra ketchup and hot sauce. Lets go to the deli. NOW.”

C) Do “B”, fail miserably, but convince her you want to try Dunkin Donuts’ new low-cal breakfast sandwich instead?

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Dunkin Donuts DDSMart Low-Cal Breakfast Sandwiches by you.

Why, it looks like Dunkin is legitimately trying. Good for them.

Dunkin Donuts DDSMart Low-Cal Breakfast Sandwiches by you.


Dunkin Donuts DDSMart Low-Cal Breakfast Sandwiches by you.

Only Dunkin Donuts that are equipped with these mini-Blodgett ovens can serve the breakfast sandwiches. Not all the locations have them. It used to be that they cooked the eggs in the microwave, but Dunkin’s breakfast sandwiches now arrive pre-cooked to the stores from a central location, wrapped in plastic, ready for toasting. Frankly, I don’t have a problem with the fact that the egg and meat content is pre-cooked, as long as Dunkin is getting frequent deliveries.

Dunkin Donuts DDSMart Low-Cal Breakfast Sandwiches by you.

Behold, the Egg White Flatbread Sandwiches, freshly toasted. Rachel and I ordered one veggie, and the other with turkey sausage, so we could try both varieties. Both are under 300 calories each.

Dunkin Donuts DDSMart Low-Cal Breakfast Sandwiches by you.

Heres’ the Turkey Sausage version. Tasty, but a little on the bland side. Could use a bit more salt, possibly some hot sauce. Still, if I were in a rush, and faced with the alternatives of McDonalds or Burger King, this wouldn’t be a bad breakfast at all.

Dunkin Donuts DDSMart Low-Cal Breakfast Sandwiches by you.

And here’s the veggie version, which both of us thought was the more flavorful of the two. We did think that both sandwiches could probably use more egg white, in order to increase the protein to carb ratio. After all, another egg white would add what, another 30 calories or so?

However, I think this is a good trend started by Dunkin, and I applaud that at least one fast food chain is now branching out to healthier alternatives.

10 Responses to Diet Dunkin’

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  2. DrM... says:

    Yes, you gotta tip your hat to a Donut chain that is making an attempt at healthier eating for those who care. Most of their patrons don’t, they just like donuts, but that’s another post.

    Personally, I love donuts, but I know what I’m getting into when I do indulge in them.

    Thanks for the tip. I’m not sure if it’s good idea for me, because I doubt I have the will power to enter a Dunkin’ Donut shop and NOT get a donut!

  3. compulsivewriter says:

    hey nice to read this, but doesn’t just a look at the calorie laden donuts melt you down to steer urself back to option B! That happens to me a lot, especially at breakfast, when I’m the hungriest.

  4. Big says:

    OPTION “B” for me (sans the bagel and ketchup)!!!

  5. Lena says:

    I work at a Dunkin Donuts, and after making these day in and day out, I can’t look at them anymore.

  6. That looks surprisingly (suspiciously) good. Did you take the photos?

  7. Biz says:

    We have a Dunkin Donuts opening soon on my commute to work – thanks for letting me know if its worth the stop!

    And I put Tabasco on everything anyway!

  8. bentlyr says:

    Looks good. I wrote about this a while ago but never had a chance to ACTUALLY try the flatbreads.

  9. Randi says:

    I’ve had them, they’re ok. I have tons of coupons for 1.00 off if you’re interested.

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