NJ Dining: Best Dumplings

Best Dumplings
16 Humphrey Street, Englewood NJ

Englewood has been undergoing something of a transformation lately, with a lot of new businesses sprouting up among the new condominiums as well as a result of renewal as a result of the demolition of older buildings off the main drag on Palisades Avenue. One such new business that caught my eye recently is Best Dumplings, a commercial Korean Mandoo manufacturer (Which used to be based out of the industrial part of town and was previously known as Mandoo, Inc.) that now has a retail outlet.

For those not familiar with Mandoo, they are Korean dumplings, similar to  Japanese Gyoza or Chinese Jiaozi, although in terms of wrapper thinness they are more like Gyoza. Like Gyoza, they can be deep fried, pan fried, or steamed. Most Japanese gyoza is limited to pork and scallion filling, but Korean Mandoo are quite varied, which include mixed vegetables with bean thread noodles, pork, beef, chicken and shrimp, and of course Kimchi. If you like Gyoza, chances are you’ll love Mandoo.

Best Dumpling, Englewood NJ by you.

They’re not kidding when they say these are the Best Dumplings. Click on the “Read the rest of this entry” link below for more.

Best Dumpling, Englewood NJ by you.

Best Dumpling recently had its grand opening. Its a takeout-only business, so no seating. Grab your Mandoo and go!

Best Dumpling, Englewood NJ by you.

In addition to dumpliings, Best Dumplings has a number of other menu items. Click photo to zoom.

Best Dumpling, Englewood NJ by you.

Rear Menu. Click photo to zoom.

Best Dumpling, Englewood NJ by you.

Here’s a picture of what the commerical operation in their former location on Sheffeild Avenue used to look like. The Humphrey Street location has a kitchen area in front  with the retail store and a similar commercial production area in the rear.

Best Dumpling, Englewood NJ by you.

Best Dumpling also makes Tteok (pronounced DUKK) which are oval-shaped rice cakes. These can be sauteed up in a wok just as you would use any other kind of rice noodle, with meat and vegetables.

Best Dumpling, Englewood NJ by you.

You can also buy their dumplings in big frozen bags to take home and cook yourself.

Best Dumpling, Englewood NJ by you.

An order of fried dumplings.

Best Dumpling, Englewood NJ by you.

An example of steamed mandoo. This is a tasting sample of Kimchi Mandoo I got when I was in their former location a few years ago.

Best Dumpling, Englewood NJ by you.

Another popular Korean item on the menu is Kimbap. These are similar to Maki Sushi rolls, except that they are stuffed with raw vegetables and cooked meat, such as Bulgogi.

Best Dumpling, Englewood NJ by you.

Best Dumpling’s dipping sauces are avaliable for sale.

Best Dumpling, Englewood NJ by you.

As are the BBQ sauces.

8 Responses to NJ Dining: Best Dumplings

  1. MJP says:

    Mandoo Inc. moved? Thanks for the heads-up; we go there for dumpling supplies in the winter. Nice to know they’ve expanded and do more organized take-out, too!

  2. Yeah, I’m looking forward to trying some of their other dishes as well.

  3. Ready Go says:

    Those mandoo look delectable! Ever been to Joe’s Shanghai? Although not Korean, they’ve also got some incredible dumplings. Another restaurant w/ comparable dumplings is Nan Shian Dumpling House on Prince St. in Flushing. But the best deal on delicious dumplings that I’ve come across is at Yipin, located on the corner of Roosevelt and Union St in Flushing, where they have a piping hot dozen for $4.50!

    check out more about the food scene in Flushing:

  4. slpernie says:

    Haven’t tried this place yet. thanks for posting it.

    The closest thing to Joe’s Shanghai in NJ is Petite Soo Chow in Cliffside Park. Another good restaurant I’ve discovered thanks to this site.

  5. I drive by there daily. Thanks for the info! Next time I’ll definitely make a stop.

  6. Judy says:

    I tried this place last week and already went back for more dumplings. These certainly are “The Best” dumplings. And the sauces are delicious too. Tried both of them. Sooooo good.
    And, they are so friendly and helpful. They also give you a sample to taste when you go there.
    I’m spreading the word, and will certainly be back.
    BTW…….if it weren’t for Wani, I wouldn’t even know about this place. Thanks, Wani!! :)

  7. […] Factory is far from the only place in the area specializing in these things. Best Dumplings opened in 2008 down a side street in Englewood and one would be hard pressed to find a Korean […]

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