Lazy Saturday

Some weekends you just want to sit home and do nothing. Two 14+ hour workdays in a row pretty much eliminated my desire to go out and do anything other than shop for food supplies, lie down on the couch like a lump and play with my new Weber Smokey Mountain.

IMG_7018 by you.

Breakfast at noon — Ancho, Red Pepper, tomato and Zucchini Summer Egg Beater Scramble with Jalapeno Cheese and fresh Cherries. Eaten while watching last night’s recorded Olympics on the DIRECTV DVR. Not what Micheal Phelps eats for breakfast, but pretty damn good.

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IMG_7022 by you.

The Weber Smokey Mountain, aka “The Bullet” is already becoming our primary outdoor cooking medium. I got it last week onsale at Amazon for $205. We’re probably going to let the Brinkmann go to someone who wants it on Freecycle. Its not that the Brinkmann doesn’t produce good results, but the Weber requires a lot less babysitting and I want to start doing more long duration smokes, which is what it is more suitable for. If I entertained more I’d probably keep the Brinkmann because it really does a nice job with chicken and ribs. Today we have the Bullet loaded with Chicken Sausage, Chicken Breasts, Turkey Breast and Tofu.

IMG_7144 by you.


IMG_7093 by you.

I like to cook up a lot of stuff in the Bullet, because it has a large capacity and it gives us lots of cooked meat to use for salads and sandwich wraps during the week. In the center you can see the blocks of Tofu which have been marinated in soy sauce and five spice powder, and will smoke for several hours. These are then cut up into pieces and used in stir fries.

IMG_7161 by you.

BBQ Smoked Chicken Breasts with a Recaito and Guajillo Pepper rub.

IMG_7188-1 by you.

Further down into the bowels of the Bullet we have a smoked turkey breast and smoked chicken sausages.

IMG_7205 by you.

Smoked Chicken Sausages and Smoked Turkey Breast

IMG_7055 by you.

The ornamental chile pepper plant is producing a bumper crop. These fiery red chiles are used in Cambodian and other South East Asian cuisines. I’ve been known to sneak a few into stir-fries.

IMG_7073 by you.

This planter sitting on our deck has been a real workhorse this summer, suppling us with all sorts of great herbs. We also have a big whiskey barrel growing a ton of basil and chives and other herbs sitting out in full sunlight by the garage.

8 Responses to Lazy Saturday

  1. D. L. Whitehead says:

    Hey, great photos! Great lookin’ food! You’ll love your bullet!

  2. I wish I had a smoker. I love the smoked sausages!

  3. Daniel says:

    Looks good to me! Beware the chili pepper!

  4. redgold says:

    You can smoke meat even with this small Weber
    I just smoked turkey legs in it….took three hours
    I never use charcoal
    I burn yard trimmings.
    Trimmed branches etc
    They supply the smoke

  5. Kevin B says:

    I never realized you were blogging food and BBQ (the shot of your bullet smoker caught my eye — I have the exact some one — plus two other grills; a traditional weber kettle grill, and another large smoker). I’m really excited about this; I’ve been looking for a good foodie source and I love that you’ve gone organic, healthy (congrats on that, btw). I’ll be following avidly — thanks! BTW, what do you use for char wood?

  6. davey says:


    When are we going to see a pork butt on this thing? I’ve been putting off buying one all summer however your pictures have giving me the itch again.

  7. Rachel says:

    davey – he’s been itching to do pork butt, but I’d like to get off the diet plateau I’ve been on for two months and pork but is just too fatty. It’s hard enough to get him to not buy ribs more often! Sorry to disappoint you all, but by eating more healthfully, he’s not only lost 70 lbs, but is off Lipitor and a couple other meds, so let’s not backslide please. :p

  8. Les says:

    Love the Weber!! Wish we still had ours..still it lasted 20 years! as soon as we get some decent weather here we’ll be investing in a smokey!
    Great blog & congrates to Micheal Phelps…amazing!
    Congrates to the G.B. team too..can’t believe we done so well this time.

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