EPIC iFAIL in Fort Lee

My wife Rachel has been awaiting the iPhone 3G for several months. Even though I am wedded to my beloved BlackBerry, she wanted to be able to carry a single device to play her music, act as a phone, and to be able to check her email. At the $199 price AT&T was advertising it at, it seemed like a no-brainer. So despite my usual reservations against buying Apple products, we headed to the AT&T Wireless store today on my lunch hour to see if we could pick one up for her.

Click here to read the rest of this article on ZDNet Tech Broiler.

3 Responses to EPIC iFAIL in Fort Lee

  1. Jon says:

    The public has spoken, and some of them are perfectly happy to make fun of this whole situation:

    Will the 3G Blend? Yup.

    Will you soon feel like tossing it in the garbage in trade for a Blackberry and write a song about that? Maybe.

  2. Jon says:

    That second song got removed from YouTube for “terms of use violation”?


    It was an original song, with original lyrics, and using no pre-recorded music. Something smells fishy when stuff like this gets yanked.

    Well, here’s a version on Blip.TV instead…

    Although its kind of an annoying “remixed” version.

  3. Michele L says:

    I passed by on my way to work that morning, the line at 6:15 am was huge.

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