Refining the ‘Q technique

Like any Barbecue enthusiast, I’ve been trying to improve my technique and the end-results of the actual product by making a few tweaks here and there. I wanted to show you what I’ve done so far.

Ain’t these purty? Click on the “Read the rest of this entry” link below for more.

For starters, we modified the standard Brinkmann charcoal bowl by having a number of holes drilled in the bottom to improve ventilation.

To deal with the increased ash from the holes in the bowl, we added a small sheet pan to catch the ash dripping down.

We also got a chimney starter which reduces the use of lighter fluid.

Lump charcoal also gives the food a more natural taste. I’m not sure if they burn as consistently or as long as Kingsfords, but I do like the flavor they impart on the meat. This brand is sold at Trader Joe’s.

What the lump stuff looks like in the bowl.

I got a couple of more types of smoking woods.

To start a fire with a chimney starter, invert the chimney and shove some crumpled up newspapers in the bottom of the ring.

Flip it over, pour the charcoals in, and light the bottom.

Let the coals smoke up and get real hot for about 10 minutes.

Pour into the bowl

Add wet wood chips or chunks.

Periodically during the smoking process, “mop” your meat with a cider vinegar/apple juice/mustard/spices mixture of your choosing. This keeps the meat from drying out and adds some additional flavor.

Baby’s got Back.

Letting the meat rest.

Crisp up the fatty crust of the ribs by grilling them meat side down for a few minutes.

Now those are nice ribs.

Baby Back Ribs with Turkey Sausage, Cole Slaw and Brown Rice with Two Bean Salad.

12 Responses to Refining the ‘Q technique

  1. Gorgeous!! Those are nice ribs. Looks like you’ve really gotten a handle on using your new smoker. Thanks for explaining how to use a Chimney Starter, I’ve always wondered but couldn’t find anyone to ask about it. Wish you much fun this summer :)

  2. […] Broiler does a good job describing how to use a chimney starter so I’ll just refer you to his post (his ribs look much better than mine do). I really don’t like food that has been cooked over […]

  3. Holy smokes gorgeous-looking barbecue! Thanks for the step-by-step.

  4. joejhorn says:

    Great Blog, love it. Love the pictures. I just grilled some pizza on my grill. If you have a minute come check it out at my blog.

    Thanks, Joe

  5. Greg Stephens says:

    Dude, you seriously need a Big Green Egg!

  6. Czar says:

    Wow! This seems to be a nice methodology for making a much delicious and visually appealing barbecues. I’ll be applying this sometime when my family we go somewhere rural to picnic.

    I’ve just bookmarked this post. Got hooked of the infos.

  7. Doug says:

    I’ve always wondered what the movable bar by the handle is used for on the chimney starter. Any ideas?

  8. peabody says:

    Your own smoker…so jealous. I bet those ribs were fabulous.

  9. Randi says:

    Is that brown rice/bean salad recipe posted anywhere?

  10. foodosopher says:

    Have to say, love the new move into food porn. Your pictures really make the subject jump out! Thanks for the great idea on smoked ribs.

  11. danny boy says:

    about how many wood chips do you put in your smoker? i have the same smoker and i liked your idea about drilling holes in the pan. I just got done doing the same thing to my pan.

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