Have a Trektastic 4th

Try the Spicy Space Chicken!

via SeriousEats.

[DORK NOTE: This is by the way, the most awesome way to recycle footage from the WORST STAR TREK EPISODE EVER.]

2 Responses to Have a Trektastic 4th

  1. daisy says:

    The Space Chicken is MINE!!! BAHAHAHAHAHA

  2. TongoRad says:

    Y’know- it is possible for something to simultaneously be the best as well as the worst. It certainly is a wonderful universe we live in!

    Have a Trektastic 4th, too.

    BTW- this ep was recently aired, first time I’ve ever seen it with the syndication cuts. Very uncool, the best parts were gone :( Stinkin’ Herberts!

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