Fat Geek Billionaire Love


The season opening of My Life on The D List wouldn’t have attracted my attention other than the fact that Kathy unveiled her new boyfriend. He’s a successful, retired dorky computer geek, who consults for huge computer companies, teaches high school students in his spare time, who charms her with hacking her iPhone, teaching her to ride a Segway and volunteering to help her celebrity friends with their IT problems. He’s overweight, eccentric, and more than a bit socially awkward.

He also happens to be a billionaire.

Read the rest of this story on ZDNet Between The Lines.

One Response to Fat Geek Billionaire Love

  1. josef says:

    they broke up. heard she’s a handful. don’t know when he left Apple, but I’m pretty sure he’s not a billionarie just a multimillionaire. (not that it matters…thank god for Woz, and Apple)

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