Cape Cod: John F. Kennedy Museum

John F. Kennedy Museum
397 Main Street, Hyannis, Massachusetts 02601

Web Site:

It is hard to separate a man from his home. In the case of  John F. Kennedy, a man who arguably left the most profound impression on America of any president in the twentieth century, it was the port town of Hyannis, MA, which gave him solace and allowed him to make key decisions during the most difficult times of his presidency.

While the Kennedy’s actual homes in Hyannis cannot actually be visited by the public, the family has established a museum which has a number of interesting items on display, including important photos and portraits, as well as memorabilia from the 1960 presidential election which launched the president’s short but notable career.

The museum grounds on Main Street in Hyannis.

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This statue was commissioned by the town of Hyannis in the year 2000 and was sculpted by artist David Lewis.

Undated photo of John F. Kennedy at his Hyannisport home.

This is a short video presentation that introduces visitors to the Kennedy’s life and presence in Hyannis.

Collectibles from the 1960 Presidential Election.

JFK returning home to meet his family on Hyannis.

1960 Presidential Campaign Photos.

This small concept statue was one of the candidates for the full sized statue that now sits in front of the musuem — it depicts an older John F Kennedy and JFK Junior, walking on the beach together, in a “What Could Have Been” scenario. The town of Hyannis opted for a solitary JFK depicted in the prime of his life instead.

A bust of the former president.

A portrait of the late John F. Kennedy Jr.

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