Canon XSi

You may have noticed that the photos in our Big Apple Barbecue preview post this morning look a little different from our regular Off The Broiler photos. That’s because they were taken with my new Canon EOS Rebel XSi DSLR.

The XSi is the very latest in Canon’s Entry-level DSLR line featuring a 12.2 Megapixel CMOS and is able to use all the professional Canon EF lenses used on the more expensive pro digital units. While it won’t be totally displacing the trusty Powershot G7, which will remain my main travel camera, it will be taking over in the primary camera role for when we are at home and on vacation. So our home cooking shots and anything shot in the NY Metro Area is going to be much higher-res.

7 Responses to Canon XSi

  1. Melissa says:

    I am absolutely convinced that the Canon XSi is the camera we all should aspire to purchase .. Jason, your photos really knocked my socks off today .. the clarity and details in the images are incredible … the camera does so many things well .. this will definitely be my next camera …

  2. Derek says:

    It’s such a killer camera. The pics are amazing. I’ve been very happy with the food pictures I’ve been able to get with this camera. What lens have you been primarily using?

  3. At the moment I am using the 18-55 kit lens. Its okay. I just ordered the new SIGMA 50mm fixed primary lens, which is supposed to be midway between the Canon 50mm 1.4 and the Canon 50mm 1.2 L. Its just under $500. The Canon 1.4 is around $350 and the 1.2L is around $1400.

  4. […] Gambas a la SIGMA 50mm. Since getting the new Canon XSi, I’ve taken quite a few nice shots. However, I knew that I couldn’t really take […]

  5. randomesq says:

    Hey there! I’ve been going through a lot of your entries and got excited when I saw that you’re using the new XSi, too! I just bought it a couple of weeks ago and took some food pictures here:

    I used the Sigma 50 mm, 2.8 lens.

    Awesome pictures. Looking forward to reading more entries.


  6. lux says:

    Nikon 4tw.. :p

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