Big Apple Barbecue Block Party 2008: Calm Before The Storm

It’s that time of the year again, folks. Get those Bubba Passes ready!

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Big Apple BBQ Block Party 2008 Photos (In Progress)

The pitmasters of Ubon’s taking pride in their work. Ubon’s was one of the first to have pork shoulders off the smoker that evening.

When there is smoke, there is Q.

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One of the many smokers firing on all cylinders at Madison Square Park.

A member of the Baker’s Ribs crew enjoying the afternoon sun.

Mike Mills of Memphis Championship Barbecue.

If only you could smell what was coming out of this thing.

Baker’s Ribs Pitmaster Joe Duncan

A silo of wood ready for the firebox.

They work at competing restaurants, but these men are BBQ best buddies.

One of Ed Mitchell’s whole hog pits being primed.


One of the first shoulders to come off at Ubon’s.

I know, this belongs on a porn site.

Chris Lilly of Big Bob Gibson injecting some pork butts.

Gotta rub that butt.


Checkered Pig BBQ Pitmaster Tommy Houston

Oh man did that crust taste good.

Praise the lord.


There will be a lot more from where these are coming from.

Party now boys, for tomorrow the crowds are a ‘comin.

2 Responses to Big Apple Barbecue Block Party 2008: Calm Before The Storm

  1. […] may have noticed that the photos in our Big Apple Barbecue preview post this morning look a little different from our regular Off The Broiler photos. That’s because […]

  2. Sophmom says:

    As fabulous as the food looks, I can’t help but think of what this is going to do to your search returns with “porn” and “gotta rub that butt” in the text. Nice pics.

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