Podcast #48: An Edge in the Kitchen by Chad Ward

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HarperCollins author Chad Ward, in his Raleigh, North Carolina kitchen.

An Edge in the Kitchen will be available in bookstores on June 10th, 2008. Click on the photo above to buy it on Amazon.com

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Proper knife posture.

Chad’s knife block.

And look, there’s more!

An example of a polymer plastic cutting board. These are cheap enough that you can have several in rotation in your dishwasher. Never cut proteins/meat on the same board as your ready-to-eat foods (vegetables,  bread, cheese etc)

The big ugly rubber Sani-Tuff cutting board used by restaurants. These cost about $50 apiece and are nearly indestructible and are very sanitary to use for meat cutting.

One of Chad’s Japanese kitchen knives.

I really liked this one. It looks like something a Klingon would go into battle with.

Kitchen knives of various length. You’ll want to find the one that is most comfortable in your hand.

16 Responses to Podcast #48: An Edge in the Kitchen by Chad Ward

  1. Fred says:

    He has way too many knives. Any serious cook will tell you his collection is overkill, but I guess he gets off on collecting sharp steel.

  2. I get off at just looking at his sharp steel.

  3. jasontomczak says:

    Does anyone know what brand/model of knife is shown above – the one that “looks like something a Klingon would go into battle with”? That’s a gorgeous kitchen knife.

  4. Cindy says:

    Which reminds me it’s time to get a new chef’s knife for myself!

  5. Fred says:

    Who doesn’t get off on steel!

  6. Jered says:

    Jason, the knife is made by Glestain.

  7. Sean says:

    The knife pictured above with the grantons (klingon knife) Is a Glestain Chefs series.


  8. […] knives when he was in Raleigh. The result has just been posted on his award winning foodie website, Off the Broiler. You can listen to the podcast while you peruse photos of my less than immaculate […]

  9. Monty says:

    Great idea for a book. However, he could use a better haircut. The Forrest Gump no-sideburns look is not doing him any favors!

  10. Chad says:

    Like my mama used to say, handsome is as handsome does. :-P


  11. T. Gray says:

    Along with the rest of my collection, I have 5 Mac’s (so far) and happy with them all. Noticed one of my buddy’s pots on your windowsill. Drop into Tom Gray Pottery your next trip to Seagrove :-) My specialties are salt pigs and mortars and pestles, etc. Am Looking forward to buying/reading your book.

  12. J.P. says:

    I have been a professional chef and consider myself a advanced amateur,You can never have to many knives as they are all very specialized,not that you can not make a knife do double duty,but why use a compromise when you can be use specific. The love of food and the love of use in the tools and equipment to produce that food can be seen and tasted .

  13. Chef Knives says:

    Great blog! What I want to know is how the “Klingon” knife cuts. Ironically, I bet there are no “cling-ons” hehehe.

  14. I can’t wait to see this book…especially since it’s a Raleigh Chef.

  15. Daniel Clay says:

    It was awesome to see someone that keeps as many knives as I do. Like one of the other comments stated, some of the knives are specialized and make a job easier. Sure one knife may be able to do the job of several, but sometimes it makes the job easier to have a knife designed for what you want to accomplish. Plus sometimes it is a great conversation starter when you bring out a knife others hadn’t seen before.

  16. Stratton says:

    I love knives. It’s somewhat of an obsession….

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