Cape Cod Dining: Ardeo

Ardeo Restaurants
Cape Cod, Massachusetts (Various Locations in Yarmouth, Hyannis, Brewster)

Web Site:

In New England, one cannot live on traditional baked and fried and steamed seafood alone. But we were still in the mood for some good local fish and shellfish, prepared in a different fashion and in a healthier way. It was our good fortune that we came across Ardeo, a local chain of Mediterranean-style restaurants that specialize in Lebanese, Greek and Italian cuisine.

The Union Plaza location in Yarmouth is the original, and we happened upon it after a long day of museuming and shopping, and I am happy to note that they are able to accommodate requests to make dishes healthier when asked. A word of warning however — ordering the”Sauteed” calamari will result in them bringing you FRIED calamari sauteed in an al oglio garlic sauce over greens. Don’t get me wrong, it looked awesome — but as my grandmother Slyvia Perlow used to say, “It’s not for us, Jack”.

The original Ardeo location in Yarmouth.

Ready for some New England Seafood, Mediterranean Style? Click on the “Read the rest of this entry” link below for more.

Here’s the display in the entrance with all the yummy pastries we can’t eat.

A small loaf of fresh baked bread is brought to table with a mound of grated pecorino romano for dipping.

These old timers seemed to be enjoying themselves nicely.

A view of the main dining room.

Gratuitous Iced Tea shot.

A very pretty Lebanese/Italian/Greek antipasto/mezze platter which includes hummus, babaghanoush, tabouleh, tzatziki, kalamata spread, and a garbanzo bean salad.

Ardeo’s Three Onion Salad

This was a very tasty salmon special Rachel ordered.

The Seafood Ardeo, with Scallops, Shrimp, Lobster and Mussels, normally served over pasta, however they accomodated my request to serve it over vegetables, which was excellent.

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